Lots of hot bike links for your pre-holiday, penultimate apocalyptic reading pleasure

Personally, I’m planning to be around to open gifts under the tree next week.

But you might want to settle in to read all these links today, just in case the Mayan calendar really does strike twelve at midnight.


LA/2B, a joint effort of the L.A. Departments of City Planning and Transportation, takes a look at the city’s approach to complete streets. Bike scores are announced for 25 cities; L.A. checks in at number 19. The L.A. Weekly examines Don Ward’s — aka Roadblock’s — DIY hit-and-run investigation in an article that somehow went under the radar for the past week. Streetsblog looks at the LACBC’s plans for the coming year. UCLA Transportation offers advice on how to ride in the rain; fenders are a good start. A DTLA man gets his bike back two days after he left it unlocked. Orlando Bloom gets his bike fixed in Beverly Hills, while Anne Hathaway falls of hers and breaks her arm, then keeps it quiet for months.

Looks like Newport Beach may use the funds raised through the city’s Memorial Bike Ride fund to fix a pair of killer and near-killer intersections; you can still contribute through the end of the year. Fontana kids get 50 new bikes for Christmas. Just days after being the victim of a hit-and-run, pro cyclist Andy Jacques-Maynes is dropped by his team — and learns about it via Twitter; USA Cycling announces 15 pro teams for next year, none of which include him. A lucky white or hispanic, male thirty-something cyclist could get $1500 to star in a Bay Area Verizon commercial; seriously, they can’t conceive of a black, asian or female bike rider representing their company? A Marin County man manages to wedge his car onto a bike/pedestrian bridge after reportedly mistaking it for an onramp — and was allowed to drive himself home afterwards. Sebastopol becomes the latest city to adopt an L.A.-style cyclist anti-harassment ordinance. Two drivers plead not guilty to killing cyclists in separate Napa Valley cases.

How to get more women to ride. A Colorado university fires its cycling coach after he’s accused of helping a third athlete dope; I guess the first and second ones didn’t count. The USA Pro Challenge unveils their route for next year’s race; the penultimate stage ends in my hometown. San Antonio police plan a sting to enforce the city’s three-foot passing law; we can’t even get our governor to sign one, let alone get police to go undercover to enforce it. A Michigan driver hits and kills a walking mother of five, dragging her body the equivalent of two football fields, then gets out to move it out from beneath her car before driving off; then again, the killer probably didn’t know — or care — it was a mom he or she had just murdered. A Pennsylvania driver gets 32 months to six years for hit-and-run; the victim’s family says that’s not enough. A doored DC cyclist sues for $70,000. Dave Moulton compares gun and vehicle ownership, and finds the rules governing cars lacking. Seven more tips on how beginning riders can avoid collisions; actually, it’s good advice for anyone, and so was the first set. The media is shocked — shocked! — to discover that the Miami Heat’s LeBron James actually rides a bike to his games.

The BBC gets in line to strip Lance Armstrong of an award. A UK game show host is highly offended when riders respond to his unfair criticisms. An angry UK driver gets out and punches a cyclist, while a Brit rider suffers possible permanent facial nerve damage after he’s mugged for his Brompton. A full 17 years to build a 1.1 mile Aussie bikeway, because some argued it would be bad for the environment. Australian authorities inexplicably pick road raging cricket player Shane Warne to front a road safety campaign; maybe the theme of the campaign is “do as I say, not as I do.” Remarkably, a Kiwi rider no longer holds any anger seven months after she was severely injured by an 18-year old driver.

Maybe it was a burglary in reverse, as a man cleans out his garage and finds someone else’s bike.  A New York cyclist uses his GPS to wish everyone a happy holiday.

And take a few minutes to go for a musical ride with Luka Bloom, trust me, you won’t regret it, especially if it’s the last bike song any of us ever hears; thanks to Martyn Jones for the link.


  1. Luka Bloom is one of my favorites; HOW DID I NOT KNOW HE HAS A YOUTUBE CHANNEL?!

  2. […] Biking In LA. I’m a fan of Luka Bloom but had no idea before today that he has a YouTube […]

  3. Opus the Poet says:

    The Roadblock article comes up as a 404. Got a working link?

  4. Opus the Poet says:

    Also the link to the Aussie bike lane takes me to the Anne Hathaway story.

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