1. TQ says:

    “Rogue cyclists to escape fine with safety course”

    This inflammatory headline suggests that these “rogue cyclists” are now subject to a different set of consequences for infractions than those rogue (and occasionally homicidal) drivers who are sentenced to traffic school.

  2. ubrayj02 says:

    Wendy Greuel’s response is the best of the collection. Eric Garcetti has a great record (as these things go), but his response is really lacking.

    I read enough dog whistle style phrases in Kevin James’ and Jan Perry’s responses to be wary of claiming either would truly be bike friendly as mayors. I think they would appease cycling interest groups to the limit of our political ability – which is to say, they wouldn’t fight very hard for our interests.

    Wendy Greuel’s responses seem to understand the political benefits that designing surface streets around cycling can bestow. The mayor is going to take some serious op-ed hits if the Bike Plan implementation continues as it has. The big drama of 30 second peak hour traffic slowdowns to install a bike lane on major streets has yet to be played out across the pages of the LA Times – but evidence from every local blog that has covered the issue shows that even an infinitesimal increase in peak hour commute times due to a bike lane installation will be met with shrieking insanity by the anonymous lumpen car commuters of LA.

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  5. keaswaran says:

    Kevin James really seems to have a technological solution to everything! Lights on parking meters to warn cyclists of recently parked cars, new construction techniques to repair roads more cheaply, and a network of underground electrified tunnels to move goods from the port.

  6. BC says:

    I was also expecting something much better from Garcetti. If we can trust these responses, then Gruel is the only one who gets it, Not only did she say ‘protected’ bike lanes 3 times, including before being asked about them, but no one else mentions it even once, even though one of the questions is specifically about them. Garcetti, when asked about protected lanes, points with pride to sharrows – yikes.

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