Update: LAPD confirms 18-year old cyclist was critically injured in Valley Glen hit-and-run

I’ve just received confirmation from the LAPD that a cyclist was injured in a hit-and-run in Valley Glen.

An 18-year old bike rider, identified as David Alexander of Van Nuys, was riding south on Bellaire Ave at Oxnard Street around 5:30 pm on Sunday when he attempted to cross Oxnard in the crosswalk on the northbound side of the street. A driver traveling west in the left lane on Oxnard ran the red light, striking Alexander.

According to a report on Reddit, he was thrown over 100 feet by the force of the collision.

Various witnesses described the vehicle as a Silver 2000-02 Mecerdes ML SUV. The driver was described as an overweight white or Armenian male in his 50s, with either gray hair or bald head.

The Reddit report, written by someone who identifies himself as a neighbor of the victim, indicates that Alexander is on life support with little or no brain activity.

If you have any information on this case, contact Det. Tucker at LAPD Valley Traffic, 818/644-8000.

My prayers go out to David Alexander and all his family and loved ones.

Update: Earlier information indicated that the vehicle might have been a Silver Range Rover; however, that is no longer under consideration.

Update 2: I’ve just received the following press release from the LAPD:

Hit and Run Driver Leaves Bicyclist Seriously Injured

VALLEY VILLAGE:   On March 24, 2013, at approximately 6:30 p.m., a serious injury traffic collision occurred at the intersection of Oxnard Street and Bellaire Avenue in the Valley Village area of the San Fernando Valley.

The victim, an 18 year old male resident of Van Nuys, was riding his bicycle southbound in the east crosswalk when he was struck by a vehicle traveling west on Oxnard Street.  The bicyclist sustained major injuries and was transported by Los Angeles Fire Department personnel to Holy Cross Hospital for medical treatment.

The vehicle is described as an older model, light colored, possible silver/grey, Mercedes Benz ML class Sport Utility Vehicle.  The driver of the vehicle is described as an older male.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact Valley Traffic Division Officer M. Tucker at (818) 644-8063.   The report number is DR #13 15 08298.  During non-business hours or weekends, calls may be directed to 1-877-LAPD-24-7.  Anyone wishing to remain anonymous may call Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800)-222-8477).  Tipsters may also contact Crimestoppers by texting to phone number 274637 (C-R-I-M-E-S on most key pads) using a cell phone.  All text messages should begin with the letters “LAPD.”  Tipsters can also go to LAPDOnline.org, click on “web tips” and follow the prompts.

Update 3: The Reddit site, as well as a commenter below, reports that David Alexander passed away last night, surrounded by family and friends. Both have proven to be reliable throughout this breaking story. 

This is the 13th cycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the second to die as the result of a hit-and-run. Alarmingly, eight of those deaths have occurred in Los Angeles County, compared to just one this time last year.

Update 4: North Hollywood Patch and KABC-7 both report the victim’s full name is David Alexander Granatos, not David Alexander, as I reported. And his death came around 5:30 pm Tuesday, not Thursday.


  1. KEvin Smith says:

    prayers go out to the victim. I hope they catch the driver. Accidents happen, but hit and runs are no accident.

  2. Laurel says:

    The Victim’s last name is wrong (I’m not adding the right name unless his family (my neighbor) wishes, to protect their privacy at this terrible time. But the story is right. Hit and Run! There are photos from a security camera showing the driver. The victim was thrown 200 feet. How fast was that homicidal driver going to do that?

  3. Allan says:

    Man they’re dropping like flies! The only thing is these lives are not the value of flies. It’s a loved one out there that’s going to effect others for the rest of their lives.

    I’m hoping for the best for the families and victims of all that have happened recently.

    Hit and Run? Now who could have figured that would be a problem out there? One party is devastated while the other pretty much is unscathed. The young party above didn’t do a damn thing wrong, yet he’s on the verge of losing his life. Now how could our forefathers had foreseen that that would be a problem?


  4. d says:

    He’s a good friend of mine… It’s just really sad to know that he won’t be there for our graduation. That’s the last thing I talled to jim about. And he wanted to be there. But he’s in a better place.

  5. Nely Lopez says:

    I took my dog for a walk this morning and noticed flowers in the corner by my house. Some kids sitting there so I asked what had happened. It broke my heart to find out an 18 yr old young boy was hit whie riding his bike. My heart goes out to his family. God bless them. I don’t know how they must feel but it really makes me sad and reminds me to drive safely. Hope the driver does the right thing and turns himself in. Nely Lopez

  6. I was there the day he was killed. I live a few houses down. The car hit the cycler so hard its whole front bumper tore off… There are way, way too many wrecks right here — six pretty wrecks since we moved here in November. I am trying to do some research and see how to petition the city for additional lights on Oxnard because people drive like maniacs up and down this thoroughfare. Any advice would be welcome. It makes me sick.

    • Allan says:

      If the bumper tore off then it seems that there’s good chance at catching this driver. If it didn’t have the license plate on the bumper, the least that could be done is to able to track down what type and year this car was. Then from there research owners of that type in the area.

      I hope he gets caught. He stands a good chance of being found.

      • I sure as hell hope so. I just called every news station in LA to ask why the only media coverage has been on this blog and reddit. Seems like a couple of the newsroom people were interested. Hopefully they’ll publicize this and someone can help find identify driver. I see all the kid’s friends down at the corner holding vigil and it makes me sick to think of the driver getting away with the crime. 🙁

        • Allan says:

          You bring up a very good point! I live on a street that has posted 30 mph speed limit. I’m pretty sure the only ones doing that are the buses! Everyone is doing 40 mph or better! Now I wonder what is more dangerous to me on the streets. Two tons or more of steel, glass, and plastic controlled by a half alert driver*, or some kid running a red light? Hmmmmmmm…… let me think about this for awhile………..

          BTW, this kid never did a damn thing wrong! Other than head out of the house that day!

          *Being generous here!

      • Erik Griswold says:

        If it is a newer vehicle, that umper may have the VIN inscribed in it.

  7. Jose says:

    He did not deserve to die. I didn’t know him very well but when i talked to him, he seemed to be such a friendly person, genuinely nice. I hope they catch the bastard who did this, just horrible. Watch out cyclists!!!

  8. Laurel says:

    David died last night.

  9. Andres says:

    I would like to make arrangements with friends and family to install a ghost bike on his behalf. Please call me at 3235283770 Andres.

  10. Jeff Jacobberger says:

    I ride on Riverside Drive past Fashion Square all the time. For the past several weeks, they’ve had an electronic sign in the middle of Riverside announcing that LAPD Bike Patrol officers are policing the mall. Perhaps LAPD Bike Patrol should be policing the streets and keeping them safe for bicyclists, rather than providing private security for a firm that operates 105 shopping malls with 1.1 billion annual visits that generate $40B in annual sales.

  11. Seda says:

    I am also one of the neighbor on Oxnard st. My kids also goes to grant high, every morning when I go to work I see some kids riding bikes to school. That area on Oxnard is so much traffic it’s very dangerous there is no bike line, and those kids don’t even wait under the light they come from far and pass the street very quick without stopping with bikes. Us a parent I will never let my children to ride bike on a business streets, like Oxnard in Valley Glen I am not saying the driver was right, but they have to be carefull when passing the street.

  12. Frank Garcia says:

    I created a donation page the family in order to cover funeral expenses. If you would like to help this family who is in need. Please click on the link below! They would really appreciate your help!



  13. None says:

    Can anybody explain how exactly this happened and why? We need to make this type of things impossible to happen, we really succeed in that, he will be a hero..

    • bikinginla says:

      This happened because some jerk was speeding and ran a red light. I wish I knew how to stop that, I really do.

      All we can do is change the law to ensure that no one will ever flee the scene after a collision again.

      • None says:

        I know you have seen (reported) a lot of those.. but I am new.. and I’m not going to let this things happen.. yes, I’m not.. contrary to what everybody said could happen the only dangerous thing that happened to me was that I hit my head to an invisible horizontal metal of a billboard sign.. now it’s not there.. I see a dangerous pothole I am going to report as much needed to fix.. I think that laws sometimes are not “in line” with I think I should ride to be fully prepared to anything cars can do unexpected than Im going to break them and then fight for change.. you know why people like those big SUVs and stuff? because they think they are going to get hit some time and it will protect them.. yeah, they exactly know that both they and almost everybody else drives like **** .. I was specially horrible when I was learning to drive.. I wanted to do all kinds of mistakes so I would learn not to do them automatically.. we drove to lancaster and I passed my test there.. I didn’t know anything about that city, about their roads (they had lie 40-45 limits on some streets), but I passed the test.. how many drivers do that? (they find only the easiest way to pass the test)
        how many bicyclists actually learn how to stay safe? (shout out to Maria from pomona who teaches that), we need to teach it
        we should stay safe and report anything bad to the city…
        anyways, really sorry for this things.. I just hope it will never happen

  14. Diana says:

    That kindly boy didn’t deserve that…He’s my neighbor and was always cautious and safe on his skateboard or walking on the street. His family cares for infants and toddlers with Down Syndrome and doesn’t have alot of money. They are quiet, caring people who do the right things in life and toward others. All the family and friends are really hurting, devastated as is the neighborhood, as am I, a neighbor, who enjoyed seeing him and his family almost daily. We are all saddened over the negligent behavior of drivers these days. This is such a tragedy for this family. As neighbors we are trying to do our best to offer some comfort. I have begged the city to put those “bumps” in this neighborhood. I just can’t believe that nice boy is gone. He must be with the angels.

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