What the f*** is wrong with Beverly Hills??????

Excuse me if I’m a little livid.

Okay, mad as hell, to the point that my head may explode.

Because once again, a story has surfaced of a cyclist seriously injured on the streets of Beverly Hills. And once again, the local gendarmerie is either incompetent, or just doesn’t give a damn about a bike rider bleeding on their streets as a heartless motorist just drives away.

It’s an all-too-common complaint I’ve heard from far too many bike riders. They get hit by a car in the Biking Black Hole, and there’s little or no follow-up by the Beverly Hills police.

And as a result, little or no justice.

The latest case comes courtesy of L.A. Streetsblog, as they follow-up with Paul Livingston, a rider so critically injured in a hit-and-run that he’s able to walk only through the miracle of modern medicine.

Let alone still alive.

The last thing Paul remembers that day is being put on a stretcher before he woke up in a hospital bed six days later. He suffered spinal and pelvic fractures. His pelvic bone, broken in half and pushed upwards into his bladder had severed blood vessels causing him to bleed internally. When he was first admitted to the hospital he was hypotensive, which means his organs were shutting down with the lack of blood and his body was going into shock. Paul underwent three abdominal surgeries within the first two days just to stop the bleeding. On the fourth day, the doctors were able to fix his pelvis and then he went through spine surgery only to have pelvic surgery once again to get it back to its original position. Paul also suffered from post-operative infection from the abdominal surgeries. Finally, with his fever gone, he was healthy enough to have his spinal fusion – as a result, Paul is a bit shorter now.

You’d think that any competent police agency would conduct a thorough investigation of such a serious felony, and do everything necessary to bring the near-killer driver to justice.

You’d think.

I ask him about the person who hit him, self-identified as Victoria Chin. He tells me that during the time of his recuperation, he had been in touch with the Beverly Hills Police Department to find out what was going on with the woman who hit him and then ran. Apparently, they were dropping the ball on his case as they never even processed her car for evidence. And her explanation for not stopping, as given to the BHPD, “There was no place to park.”

The technical loophole that Victoria Chin falls into is that no one could properly identify her even though the day after the collision she called the BHPD herself. The police officer she spoke to said she had to come in to the police station to turn herself in. She then called back saying she would be in tomorrow. The police officer reminded her to bring her car in for processing. The next day, Chin showed up without her car and with a lawyer. She only admitted to being Victoria Chin refusing to say anything else. Her lawyer asked the police officer if they were going to book his client. BHPD said no. So, the lawyer asked if they were going to arrest his client. BHPD said no.

They let Victoria Chin go. No arrest. No charges.

It’s far from the first time something similar has happened.

Beverly Hills police and courts have repeatedly dropped the ball on cases involving cyclists. And while they have responded to pressure from riders, it shouldn’t be up to us to force them to do their damn jobs.

Now don’t get me wrong.

I’m not anti-police.

In fact, I have a great deal of respect for most cops, and have often been impressed with the responsiveness of the LAPD when I’ve dealt with them on various issues. While there are always a few bad apples, I’ve found overwhelming majority of officers are caring and committed to doing their best to protect the public and bring justice to those who have been wronged.

With the obvious exception of the NYPD, who the Beverly Hills police are evidently trying to emulate in their lack of responsiveness in incidents involving bicyclists and pedestrians.

But there is simply no excuse for any department dropping the ball so badly in so many cases where bike riders are run down on their streets. And given that it happens so often, the question arises whether it’s the fault of a few incompetent cops, or if there is a willful, systemic bike-blindness within the department that emanates from the top down.

It’s not a question I can answer right now.

Fortunately, charges were finally filed in the Livingston case, despite the failure of the department to conduct the most basic investigation.

In late august 2012, over a year after the crime, Don Ward wrote about the crash here at Streetsblog and elsewhere informing people about Paul’s situation and called on the cycling community to join them at the Beverly Hills City Council Meeting to draw attention to his case.

For a moment, Paul pauses his story, speechless, he swallows and then tells me that four months later, after the public outcry and the persistency of his lawyer, Otto Haselhoff, the DA of Beverly Hills is finally pressing charges. The helplessness that Paul describes to me, all his suffering, mental and physical anguish, had begun to lift. He quit drinking, started jogging, he was able sleep through the night.

“Knowing that something can be done, that there will be some kind of justice, this changed my life.”

Maybe so.

It’s long past time for Beverly Hills Police Chief David Snowden and new Mayor John Mirisch to meet with bicyclists to find some solutions to the dangers we face on their streets. And the apparent lack of support we get from the police.

In the meantime, I will continue to avoid Beverly Hills as much as possible. Not just because of their failure to provide a single inch of bikeway anywhere in the city.

But because I don’t trust the police to give a damn conduct a thorough and honest investigation if I end up bleeding on their streets.


  1. another BH hater says:

    Even driving a car in Bev Hills is risky.

    • Peter says:

      Apparently we also need to worry about racists out for persian blood.

    • bikinginla says:

      Let’s not get into stereotypes, BH. It’s no more valid to describe Persians in negative terms than it is any other ethnic group.

      If you had made a similar comment about African Americans, Hispanics or virtually any other group, I would have deleted immediately. Shame on me for not removing this sooner.

  2. Jim Lyle says:

    As much as I would like to see Ms. Chin subject to criminal charges, I prefer to see her lose, big time, in a civil suit. No amount of money is going to amend for the damage she did to Paul, but if she spends everything defending herself in a criminal trial, there will be nothing left for Paul to recover in civil court.

    • paul livingston says:

      thanks jim,
      however, along with the felony hit-and-run charges the courts are demanding full restitution for me, hospital bills, lost wages etc… the good thing about criminal restitution in california is that:
      1) there’s no statute of limitations on a criminal restitution judgement. as long as the perpetrator is alive, they’ve got to pay.
      2) a criminal restitution judgement cannot be absolved in bankruptcy court.
      she’s losing big time either way.

  3. Yes to the civil suit. L.A. harassment law would make this a slam dunk if it was passed just a couple of months earlier.

    • bikinginla says:

      I wish. Both L.A. laws and common sense stop at the Beverly Hills city limits.

      • paul livingston says:

        thanks for helping get my story out there!
        this shit’s gotta change.

        • bikinginla says:

          Glad to do what I can. This sort of crap really pisses me off.

          Good luck with the case — and more importantly, with the recovery.

  4. mahythesis says:

    It sounds like Beverly Hills is a disgusting place to even consider visiting. I’ll be sure to avoid the place in any way. Thanks for the warning.
    Best of luck to Paul, and to “justice for all.”

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  6. Tom says:

    Maybe this has been covered in other postings, but it’s always a good idea to max out your car’s Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage (UM/UIM).

    That way, you get coverage for medical bills, lost wages, etc, even if you are struck as a pedestrian or cyclist.

    A Personal Injury attorney I know estimates 1/3 of LA County drivers are carrying either no insurance or the bare legal minimum ($25K).

    Me — I carry $500K of UM/UIM, the maximum possible.

    • Tom says:

      oops, also wanted to add, if you have health insurance you’d get covered for injuries of course, but *NOT* lost wages, pain & suffering, legal expenses, etc.

    • bikinginla says:

      Thanks for the reminder, Tom. I carry $250,000 myself — and have used it when I was run down by a road raging driver, who denied even making contact with me.

  7. Mia Deadpool says:

    hahaha, can you imagine if you’re head really exploded… but on a serious note, that sh** is f****d up.

  8. gottobike says:

    Wishing Paul Livingston the best recovery possible.

    It hurts just reading about this incident.

    I finally see what you mean about the City of Beverly Hills being the Biking Black Hole and now, a bastion of incompetence. Sad to note that there is a city in California even more disgusting than my own City of San Diego when it comes to providing safe passage for all users of our public streets.

    Shame on the City of Beverly Hills.

  9. Paul Livingston says:

    You can contact me at: pauldrumsfunk@sbcglobal.net

    Sent from my iPhone

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