Major bike linkage to make up for a couple dead days

Let’s catch up with the latest news from the big wide wonderful world of bikes.


The LACBC is looking for volunteers for next month’s bike count. The West Hollywood Bicycle Coalition wants your opinion for their Complete Our Streets survey; seriously, if you live or ride in WeHo, tell ‘em what you think, then join ‘em, already. A San Francisco writer explores the new and improved DTLA by bike. KNBC-4 reminds you to RSVP for Sunday’s Tour de Arts, but can’t figure out whether it should be SMMOA or SMMoA; I kinda like the  latter, but just pick one already. Don’t forget next week’s public meetings to review Malibu’s PCH Safety Study; anyone who rides the Coast Highway should make plans to attend; your personal safety could depend on it.

In the wake of a successful first — but undoubtedly not last — CicloSDias, support is growing for bicycling in San Diego. Temecula cyclists are staging the city’s first Gran Prix. Napa Bike says educated drivers make the streets safer for everyone; “It is astonishing to think that some people feel collisions between cars and bikes are unavoidable collateral damage…” The Sonoma County Bicycle Expo returns to Santa Rosa this Sunday.

The president of People for Bikes says when people ride bikes, great things happen. Bicycling says lose the spandex, though. The Bike League is seeking an Equity Initiative Manager. Pro cycling vet Tom Danielson captures the Tour of Utah. Boulder CO will experiment with bike infrastructure through the fall; a Boulder County rider is killed when he’s left crossed by a truck driver. Dallas may require bike racks at businesses; yes, the one in not-so-bike-friendly Texas. Cedar Rapids drivers can’t seem to figure out how bike lanes work; seriously guys, it’s not that hard. A leading Chicago businessman is killed riding his bike in Michigan. A Wisconsin drunk driver denies being behind the wheel despite driving the length of a football field after plowing through a cyclist; not surprisingly, it was not his first offense. New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner can’t seem to decide whether he supports bikes or not, as his campaign and pants sink slowly in the east. Naomi Watts and son bike in the Hamptons. Red Kite Prayer looks at the inexplicable firing of Serotta’s eponymous founder.

British bike advocates back the Prime Minister’s cycling revolution, or maybe not so much given that the PM’s giving so little. A London writer asks why riding a bike has to be so lethal; one death is one too many, but let’s not forget almost all of those 570,000 daily London bike trips end safely, just as they do here. UK prosecutors appeal an overly lenient sentence for killing a cyclist; yes, they can do that there. Biking to work cuts your risk of developing diabetes in half. A Brit bike thief is caught on camera moments after stealing a bike at a London bike event. English riders are under attack by drivers — or maybe just one. Two Welsh motorists are in custody following the death of a bike rider. You’re invited to sign an open letter complaining about Scotland’s feeble and ineffective Nice Way Code road safety campaign. Malta bike riders demand presumed liability. The vice chancellor of an Indian University suffers grievous injuries when his bike is hit by a speeding car. Kenyan women are welcome to ride a bike, as long as they can do it with their legs held tightly together. An Aussie rider gets punched in the face after confronting an angry driver; I’ve learned the hard way it’s better to just let the jerks go — especially if you can catch them on video first.

Finally, a UK website chronicles the 14 best bike scenes in cinematic history. Hollywood director Werner Hertzog offers a powerful look at distracted driving.

And if this wasn’t enough links for you, you can kill another few hours here.


  1. lisal505050 says:

    So relieved to click through and discover it’s Kenyan women (the country) and not Kenyon women (the college in Ohio) who need to keep their knees together. Not that anyone should be restricted, but…

    • bikinginla says:

      Thanks for that catch. Funny what a difference one little letter makes. And you’re right, no one should face such a ridiculous restriction.

  2. kdbhiker says:

    Yes, lose the spandex but WTF if your a true commuter your not going to spend that much money on a outfit so one can look like a f’ing hipster! $495 for a satchel you have got to be f’ing me.

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