Morning links: LA cyclist is shocking collateral damage, fatal San Diego bike-by, NC writer gets it so wrong

The LACBC is hosting a workshop to empower local bike advocates this Thursday. Be there if you want to make a difference in your own neighborhood.

A Buena Park cyclist is collateral damage as a driver knocks over a fire hydrant, then knocks down a power line, which falls in the water and shocks the passing rider. Fortunately, he doesn’t seem to have been seriously injured.

The Times interviews a Dutch cyclist who’s riding 17,000 miles from Alaska to Argentina to raise funds for education and children’s programs. And destroys the myth that the Dutch don’t wear helmets, at least over here.

Huntington Park is seeking grants for a CicLAvia-style open streets event, as well as a second annual Gran Prix in conjunction with the LACBC and Wolfpack Hustle.

Sometimes bike riders are the bad guys, as a San Diego cyclist kills an SUV driver in a ride-by shooting; thanks to Sam Ollinger for the heads-up.

I Bike Kern offers a great overview of California bike laws; I think I need to add this link to the Resources page.

Fresno police auditor wisely tells the department to reconsider the way they pursue suspects on bicycles. Using a police vehicle to run down a rider should always be considered deadly use of force.

A Pittsburgh CA cyclist is in grave condition after being hit head-on while riding salmon. Don’t do that. Just don’t.

Elly Blue offers advice on how to be a bike angel to new riders in your town.

Yet another experienced cyclist has been killed by yet another elderly driver, this time in Omaha.

Clearly, hit-and-run isn’t just an LA problem, as Grand Rapids MI suffers a 50% jump in fleeing drivers. I have some distant relatives out that way; I hope they have enough sense to stick around after a collision. Or better yet, just don’t hit anyone.

Remember that New York Times writer who blogged about his cross-country ride a few years back? It’s a book now.

That obnoxious fight over proposed bike lanes in Alexandria VA has finally ended with a unanimous council vote in favor of bike lanes over parking spaces.

A North Carolina letter writer gets it so wrong I don’t even know where to start. Like bike riders have the same rights as motorists, but should give way when an impatient driver honks and attempts to pass dangerously on a curve? I’d probably bail, but only to save my life, not to be polite.

This is what happens when Chilean velodrome officials neglect to remove a starting gate.

A Brit bike rider refuses to put her back into it, while another gives up bike commuting — and stops his or her son, too.

The right bike can make all the difference in your commute, though.

A British bishop takes to his bike and gives up his car for Lent. I’ve given up abject poverty for Lent, but my bank account doesn’t seem to have noticed yet.

An Aussie cyclist is run down from behind — despite taking the lane — by a driver who surely should have seen him in a collision caught on camera. Warning: you need a strong stomach to watch this one, even though the story says he seemed okay.

That driver must feel like small potatoes, as one of his countrymen manages to take out six cyclists in a single blow. The good news is, one of the six didn’t need medical attention, one has been released after treatment and the other four are in stable condition. Thanks to Michael Eisenberg for the heads-up.

Finally, this happened on my ride through Santa Monica on Friday. And you might want to turn down the sound if impressionable ears are around.

To be fair, the removal of bike lane markings in preparation for new green bike lanes on Main Street may have contributed to the driver’s jerkishness confusion.


  1. Robert Prinz says:

    Please note that the I Bike Kern page you linked to is a repost of content from the CBC available here:

    Definitely good info, but worth giving the original authors credit too.

  2. That Buena Park cyclist should have been wearing hi viz vest. I hope those minor injuries are truly minor.

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