Morning links: Your Tuesday morning bike reading list

Boyonabike says riding a bike is not a lifestyle choice, it’s about life, period.

How to submit a request for street repairs through LADOT. If I reported every crappy street I ride on, that’s all I would ever do. Is it possible to just submit Los Angeles?

Orange 20 says until things get better, it’s up to you to avoid gambling with your own safety.

Help choose the route for Wolfpack Hustle’s forthcoming Long Beach crit.

The world is still shocked that Angelenos and other Californians are driving less.

Streetsblog looks at how the award-winning BikeSD is changing the way people get around in our neighbor to the south.

Quadriplegic cyclist rides an e-bike from Arizona to San Diego.

A Palo Alto engineer says the bike lobby is responsible for impeding safer cycling.

Great read on the dos and don’ts when it comes to introducing people to bicycling from People for Bikes. Seriously, the hardest thing about taking up bicycling is simply deciding to do it.

Must read from a Utah writer who explains why motorists are at fault in most bicycling fatalities.

New York courts worker fights desecration of courthouse by blue bike share bikes.

Maybe there’s hope. Things are actually getting better for pedestrians in the long-time deadliest state in the nation for walkers and bicyclists.

A London study shows vigorous exercise — like riding a bicycle fast — can help ward off the flu. In fact, there are so many health benefits to riding I probably achieved immortality decades ago.

A Welsh cyclist rides through a train tunnel, causing a 14-hour delay while authorities searched for him in vain.

Scandal in the UK as eight MPs bill taxpayers a whopping £417.48 — $692.31 — for bicycling related expenses.

In a horrifying collision, a French high-speed train travels 25 miles with the body of a bicyclist it hit clinging to the front of the train.

Belarus police stage a bike crash to see if anyone cares. Not surprisingly, few do.

Finally, another great read as an Aussie writer offers 10 things he wishes would happen to improve bicycling. And a South African writer says riding a bike shouldn’t be playing Russian roulette.


The mailman has been good to me lately, delivering the latest line of Mojo bars from my friends at Clif Bar, and a new fast water filtration pitcher from Camelbak.

I’ll let you know what I think after I try them out.




  1. bike2hike says:

    I’ve been trying to get a small section of the bike lane on Chandler in Noho in front of the Red Line Station repainted since last Nov and nothing. Here’s what they emailed me “Thank you for sharing your concerns. All requests are subject to an engineering review for public safety, traffic impacts, and regulatory compliance. Common maintenance issues are typically resolved in a few days. More complex issues may involve extensive analysis over a prolonged period and updates to such a request will be provided within the next 60 days. Our team values this opportunity to serve you. Please save your service request identification number for future reference”

    Here’s just another dickhead in a lane that is not a turning lane (he was trying to make a left onto a one way street going the wrong way) but instead of waiting for the traffic to the right to go by he decides to drive on the wrong side of the road

  2. Did you notice Douglas Moran (the Palo Alto engineer who cries about the “bike lobby”) bears a certain resemblance to another bearded and slightly cranky bicycling engineer?

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