Morning Links: More on MyFig, way too much bad news from upstate, and don’t deal dope from a lightless bike


Downtown News offers a detailed look at the My Figueroa project’s survival at Tuesday’s PLUM committee meeting.

LADOT adds rumble strips to alert riders on the Elysium Valley section of the LA River bike path about pedestrians entrances.

Speaking of LADOT, they may finally begin ongoing, year-round bike and pedestrian counts (pdf).

Momentum Magazine looks at extremely busy New York expat and now our very own LA bike advocate Nona Varnado.

Mark your calendar for the first weekend in May, as Santa Monica celebrates my wedding anniversary with a new Bike Expo at the pier. Wait, that’s not the reason for it?



Redlands residents recall their memories of the famed Redlands Classic, which returns next week.

Sadly, a bike rider died after falling of her bike, for no apparent reason, in Pismo Beach last week.

More bad news, as a rider in time trial gear is found lying in the roadway near Winters; despite efforts to save him, he became the latest CA cyclist to lose his life to a cowardly hit-and-run driver.

A Chico bike rider’s organs live on, months after she was killed by a drunk driver.

A Ukiah man has his bike stolen, then recovered, after his wife suffers minor injuries when she’s hit by a Prius in a truly bizarre series of events.



It’s time to change traffic laws to hold killer drivers accountable. Once again, bike lawyer Bob Mionske nails it.

Fellow Bicycling magazine writer Elly Blue notes once again that cyclists, whether they drive or nor, already pay for the roads.

A Chicago cyclist is attacked by two machete-wielding thugs, evidently just for the hell of it. Fortunately, he’s okay, but his bike took a beating.

Experts say New York’s suddenly embattled Citi Bike program will survive.

A planned Pennsylvania bike path is moved to protect an endangered toad.

DC drivers are using bike lanes for car lanes. It’s not just DC; I had a driver cut me off in DTLA’s 7th Street bike lane Thursday night in a sadly successful attempt to bypass back-up traffic. We’ll have to see if the video comes out, which I plan to forward to the LAPD if it does.



The goal is building a better city; Calgary’s bikeways are just one way of getting there.

A UK man is still paying the price five years after he was injured after hitting a pothole.

Remarkably, a Brit driver walks free after the family of the cyclist she killed asks the court not to ruin her life.

A new plan plans to encourage more women to bike to British football — aka soccer — matches.

An Israeli man reinvents the wheel. Literally.



Adding cyclocross to the Olympics makes sense. Moving outdoor cycling events to the Winter Games doesn’t.

Don’t run your brother-in-law down on his bike the morning after an argument.

And repeat after me. If you’re riding in a Santa Monica alley with several bags of dope and a digital scale on your bike, put a damn light on it already.

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