A little light Morning Linkage for your Cesar Chavez Day


A year after he was critically injured in a horrific hit-and-run, Damian Kevitt joins last Friday’s Critical Mass to honor other hit-and-run victims.

Meet Rick Risemberg — Mr. Bicycle Fixation himself — when he leads an art tour at Sunday’s CicLAvia. I’d offer to lead a beer tour, but my legs don’t pedal so good after the second one.

Cyclists from SoCal and beyond complete a successful San Dimas Stage Race.



Calbike invites you to sign a petition supporting AB 2398 to increase penalties for crashing into vulnerable road users.

A 15-year old bike rider is critically injured in an Ontario collision.

The Redlands Bicycle Classic returns for a 30th edition with an extra, added Highlands stage.

A wounded warrior bikes across the country on prosthetic legs after losing his in Afghanistan.

An Oceanside letter writer says screw planning and complete streets, I want my traffic lanes; maybe he has relatives in Ontario, Canada.

San Diego celebrates its second CicloSDias.

Pregnant women pedal all the way to the delivery room; thanks to Ryan Gratzer for the heads-up.



Bicycling is more than okay in Downtown OKC.

A Chicago cyclist receives $5.7 million settlement after he’s paralyzed by a falling tree limb the city determined didn’t need to be trimmed.

It may be time to give New York’s Citi Bike program some tough love, says the Daily News.



Presenting an animated history of the bicycle in just 70 seconds.

Without a commitment to long-term funding, the UK may be wasting the opportunity presented by the Tour de France’s Yorkshire start.

LA riders dodge cars and potholes; Brit riders massive rolls of paper rolling down the street.

At least all we have to worry about is angry drivers. An Aussie cyclist is hospitalized after crashing into a kangaroo; no word on whether the other, more bouncy party was injured.



Don’t slug the pedestrian who complains about your bike riding. Just don’t.


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