Morning Links: Successful Finish the Ride, state hit-and-run bills advance, and an Agenda 21 conspiracy fail

Hit-and-run survivor Damian Kevitt speaks at Finish the Ride. Photo courtesy of Joni Yung.

Hit-and-run survivor Damian Kevitt speaks at Finish the Ride. Photo courtesy of Joni Yung.

By the sound of it, Sunday’s Finish the Ride turned out to be a very successful event.

Even if I couldn’t be there, much to my regret (more on that later).

The Times takes an early look at the ride intended to call attention to the problem of hit-and-runs, while ride creator Damian Kevitt says they’re a sign of “the moral decay of America.”

Unfortunately, he’s right.

There’s something seriously wrong with any society where it’s become commonplace — if not socially acceptable — to run away like a coward and leave a stranger bleeding in the streets.

A rider who arrived later in the day emailed this brief description.

Finish the Ride was a huge success. The ride was over but the party was still in full swing when I rolled up, and the sheer diversity of booths was impressive. Poor Damian was still playing meet-and-greet and posing for photos with a variety of well-wishers. He was in his usual good cheer but he’s probably exhausted.

There were at least 638 riders, judging by the highest bib number I saw. The organizer couldn’t provide a total or guess at the number of “day-of registrants” since they were still tallying all the participants.

LAPD had eight bike officers for the escort, and several weren’t just on duty, they were sporting bibs too! The CHP had a booth so I spoke to an officer (who recognized me from the task force meeting), and there’s still no solid leads, but they’ll take tips til the statute of limitations runs out.

Riding back through Chinatown, I spoke with two riders who had done the hilly route, and weren’t about to return to start the same way, but were happy to do it once, “for Damian.”



Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell will dedicate at new bike repair station at Polka Dot Plaza Monday morning.

Richard Risemberg points the finger at South Pass for blocking a road diet on the York Blvd bridge. And directs your attention to an in-depth examination of the unloved and unneeded 710 Freeway extension and more viable alternative.

Neon Tommy looks at Santa Monica’s upcoming MANGo Greenway, which promises to protect SaMoHi students from dooring.

Pico Rivera awaits a grant to fund a planned 8,000 square foot bike hub.



Streetsblog offers their weekly update of transportation-related bills before the state legislature; and yes, good things are happening on the bike and hit-and-run fronts.

San Diego cyclists take on a grueling 136 mile course to raise funds for the Challenged Athletes Foundation, which also benefitted from Finish the Ride.

San Francisco prepares to double down on bikeways to improve safety and ease of riding.



A writer for Bicycling tracks down America’s first international bicycling champion. From 1870. Meanwhile, Elly Blue is pretty sure she could outrun a Portland bike cop.

When nearly every street is over capacity, bikeways can go in anywhere. Which makes this a great time to be a bike rider in Detroit. Yes, Detroit.

Lowell MA’s motorhead mayor wants to undo a road diet and remove its bike lanes to move as many cars as possible in and out of the city. Oh, and parking revenues are down.

Interesting idea, as a New York lawyer sues Honda for failing to put a light or audible device on its vehicles to prevent dooring (last line).

The new poster child for distracted driving? A North Carolina woman is killed when she posts to Facebook while driving about how happy Pharrell’s Happy makes her.



A Calgary paper offers an in-depth look at the debate over proposed protected bike lanes, which is pretty much the same debate that goes on everywhere else. Meanwhile, a motorhead columnist takes issue with the whole damn thing.

The London Guardian looks at the best of the worst bikeways around the world.

Pee in public, get banned from Brit rides.

Thousands of Scottish cyclists Pedal on Parliament to demand safer streets. With good reason, since only 10% of Scot drivers who hit cyclists are ever prosecuted.

A Chinese company is now offering one day bike tours to North Korea. Though you might want to think twice about it unless you’re Dennis Rodman.



When a spectator offers to take an injured mountain bike rider’s bike down the course for him, they both end up in the same ambulance.

And an Agenda 21 conspiracy nut claims bike paths are part of a plot to ban cars. Except if we banned cars, we wouldn’t need bike lanes, would we?



  1. computo says:

    Ah! The Agenda 21 bit lends some detail to the hilarious graffiti in the bg of these pics of the new bike stand at the Sunset triangle…

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