Weekend Links: More on MyFig, Dana Point Crit Sunday, and how to change a bike tire in three minutes — in a dress



Streetsblog reports on the consensus agreement for the MyFigueroa project; work may start next January and take about a year. And says there’s a rising tide for biking and walking in California.

KPPC finishes the ride with Damien Kevitt.

Santa Monica Spoke calls your attention Bike Month this month.



Dana Point hosts one of the largest single-day crits in the US this Sunday.

An OC mountain bike rider is airlifted out of a Laguna Beach trail after breaking his leg.

A San Diego writer says the recent Belgium Waffle Ride was one hell of a ride.

How to get your stolen bike back in San Francisco.



Cool looking new sensor-laden smart bike is built with safety in mind; the Kickstarter project is just $3,000 short of their $100,000 goal with four weeks to go.

Somehow, I can’t imagine the LAPD painting a bike safety message directly on their patrol cars like this one from Boise, Idaho.

A new study shows more helmet use hasn’t resulted in a decrease in injuries.



A new short video looks at bicycle culture in Cuba.

A Brit cyclist says there’s no point in obeying the rules because riding in London is always Death Race 2000. On the other hand, Olympic champ Chris Hoy is really angry at scofflaw cyclists.

Almost caught on video: A UK bike rider narrowly avoids injury when a construction crew drops a lamppost on him.

NPR looks at the risks and obstacles facing women cyclists in Afghanistan. And the drive to overcome them.

Australia’s New South Wales traffic minister says bike riders should be licensed and banned from certain roads for their own good, while a Sydney writer says not so fast.

Meanwhile, a new study shows separated bike lanes in Sydney resulted in a doubling in ridership and a reduction in overall injuries — and carry as many people on bikes as the traffic lanes next to them do in cars.

Aussie pro cyclist Travis Meyer has been released from the hospital following an April 12th training collision in Andorra that left him with a fractured skull, broken jaw, broken arm and bruised lung; surprisingly, the driver stepped-up and admitted responsibility. Thanks to Bobby Close for the heads-up.



Sure, Lance and LeMond can change a tire in less than three minutes. But can they do it in a dress? A very cool new Italian bike has no spokes, hubless direct drive and folds down to the size of an umbrella. And apparently, the Queen is no fan of cyclists.


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  1. Joe B says:

    I can change a tire faster than that. Can somebody lend me a dress?

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