Morning Links: Vote for bikeways in South OC, how to deal with road rage, and punched out for not running a red


A UCLA professor discovers that even after four or five decades, riding a bike is just like riding a bike.

Next weekend’s Santa Monica Festival features a bike rodeo and annual Bike Exposition.

Burbank’s US Representative Adam Shiff reports from the road on the AIDS LifeCycle ride. I’m starting to like this guy.



Voice your opinion on potential South OC bikeways.

A SoCal cyclist rides from San Diego to New York to raise money for starving children.

A 21-year old Moorpark park man struggles with a serious brain injury after the front wheel came off his bike in April; a reminder to always check your bike before you ride.

Chico hosts a Bicycle Music Festival this weekend. No, I don’t know what that is either, but it sounds like fun.

Nice to know there are few, if any, consequences for hitting a cyclist, fleeing the scene and threatening witnesses when you’re a homophobic pro football star.



Elly Blue offers advice on how to deal with your own road rage. My best advice is to focus on all the drivers who don’t piss you off, rather than the one who did.

The father of newly freed POW Bowe Bergdahl was an Olympic cyclist who lost his chance to compete when the US boycotted the Moscow Olympics over the Russian invasion of, yes, Afghanistan.

A Casper newspaper says it’s time to get serious about making changes in attitude and infrastructure to save cyclists’ lives, even in Wyoming.

Great idea. A cycling website in my home town gives a free crash kit to injured riders, including a new helmet, sunglasses, Road ID and comfort food, among other items. Almost makes it worth the wipeout.

A Wisconsin bike rider is called a hero for rescuing a 12-year old stabbing victim.

The Atlanta man caught on video attacking a cyclist and calling him anti-gay slurs turns himself in to police.



Mikael Colville-Andersen looks at the bikes of Brazil, which is quite different from the Boys from Brazil.

Edmonton CA moves forward with a new four-year bike plan.

Calgary bike gangs welcome new members; no word on whether you have to get a tattoo, wear leathers or go through a beat down initiation.

Caught on video: A Dublin bus driver threatens to run over a cyclist, even though he was in a bike lane.

How to leave the house on a bike in 13 very complicated but amusing steps.

Twenty-five-year old American Tejay van Garderen hopes to put a bad spring behind him and lead his team at the Critérium du Dauphiné and Tour de France.

An Australian cyclist is killed after he was apparently deliberately run off the road by an “arrogant and aggressive” motorcycle rider.



If you’re carrying oxycodone tablets you don’t have a prescription for, don’t force firefighters to evacuate an entire apartment building by parking your leaky gas-powered bicycle in a hallway.

And instead of complaining about cyclists running red lights, a Boston driver punches one out when he refuses to.


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  1. […] daily Ted. Morning Links: Vote for bikeways in South OC, how to deal with road rage, and punched out for not ru… I have been yelled at many times for stopping at stop signs, but never any physical […]

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