Morning Links: Too many LA memorial rides, Fig4All is up for more debate, and Buzzfeed wants to scare you


Boyonabike goes on Sunday’s Phillip O’Neill memorial ride in Pasadena, and pledges to work for the day when rides like that won’t be necessary. Amen, brother.

Streetsblog’s Sahra Sulaiman writes movingly of a weekend full of remembrances for far too many fallen riders.

The Cypress Park Neighborhood Council takes up the issue of the Fig4All North Figueroa road diet and bike lanes tonight.

Long Beach — and marriage — converts a confirmed vehicular cyclist into a bike lane rider.

Wired likes the new 1970’s style 10 speed bike from LA’s own Linus.



More on Assemblymember Gatto’s bill to create an Amber Alert-style system for serious hit-and-runs.

A 23-year old Costa Mesa man is charged with felony vehicular manslaughter, DUI and possession of marijuana after killing an 81-year old marathoner running in a Corona del Mar bike lane last week.

A San Diego cyclist is injured in a collision with a Border Patrol Vehicle.

A Santa Barbara writer discusses inspiring a children’s passion for pedaling.

Folsom Police recover 17 Trek bikes stolen from a local bike shop in April.

After getting caught up in the Lance Armstrong doping scandal, Santa Rosa’s Levi Leipheimer has a lot to say, but no one wants to listen.



Buzzfeed tries to scare you off your bike with a new Reefer Madness-style video.

Chicago asshole writer calls bike riders terrorists for allegedly endangering pedestrians — even when those pedestrians are standing in bike lanes. Maybe someone should tell him how many pedestrians are killed, not just frightened, by those on four wheels instead of two.

Since when is stealing a bike considered a “minor disciplinary” problem? Oh, yeah, when you’re a football player at a major university.

New Jersey considers a $500 fine for any driver who causes a collision with a cyclist.

Turns out that Virginia driver who hit a bike rider head-on while driving on a bike/pedestrian bridge was working for the state DOT; police still refuse to file charges.

Extreme road rage, as a Florida driver swerves at a cyclist who told him to slow down, then shoots at the rider and three others who came to his aid.



A UK cyclist participating in a charity ride is seriously injured after crashing into an anachronism a telegraph pole.

It takes a real jerk to steal a dozen bikes from riders with the UK’s version of Ride 2 Recovery.



A new study from the University of Duh show cyclists on separated bike paths suck down less smog than riders in the roadway. A new bike helmet reads your mind to map out the stressful points on your ride, as if you couldn’t figure that out for yourself.

And no. Just no.



  1. PatrickGSR94 says:

    Surely that Buzzfeed video is satirical, yes?

  2. Joe says:

    Im hoping that chicago writers piece about bike terrorists is humor as well… if not, it should be. Those pictures are of some truly frightening individuals…not. lol.

  3. richard says:

    See subject I mean url field

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