Morning Links: The risks of biking in the Valley, Pippa makes it all the way, and a road rager attacks rescuer


A Ventura Blvd website looks at the risks of bicycling in the San Fernando Valley. Overall, a good piece, though there’s a lot to quibble over — like the lack of safety instructions for drivers, and the fact that LA wasn’t built for cars, but around what was then the world’s best transit system.

A Times OpEd piece looks at what LA can learn from Stockholm’s Vision Zero about reducing traffic deaths.

Wayfinding signs are finally coming to the LA River bike path.

CD2 Councilmember Paul Krekorian says he’s working to make NoHo safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Bike lanes on Lankershim would be a great place to start.



Costa Mesa bike shop owner gets 27 months for tax evasion.

Eighty-three year old driver hits and kills a bike rider in Salinas.



Dave Zabriskie’s Legends of the Road team wins the RAAM team competition, while Pippa Middleton shows she may be worth taking seriously after all, as her eight-person team finishes the world’s most challenging endurance race in just under six days and 11 hours.

A real estate blog offers 10 ways bicycling can save the world. Skip the infographic at the top and read the story below.

Commute by Bike says bicycling will remain a fringe way for adventurous, athletic and highly eco-conscious folks to get around without serious investment in bicycle infrastructure.

Nineteen Cherokee bike riders complete a 950 mile tour of the infamous Trail of Tears.

A Maine rider is injured in a solo fall that demonstrates the danger of a too close pass.

An Aussie travel piece says bicycling in New York is cheap, fun and safer than you think.



Vancouver columnists explain bicycle parts, with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Yorkshire is infected with yellow jersey fever.

An Irish writer insists riding across Dublin without a helmet is taking your life, or at least your brain, in you hands. And demonstrates he doesn’t get road diets.

Naples, Italy is now bike friendly.



Unbelievable. After a road raging Brit driver runs a bike rider off the road, he spins around to run down another motorist who stopped to help.



  1. kb says:

    “Twenty is plenty” is too rarely read. Let building safe – local human safe speed limited- neighberhoods be legal is a start for sure. Banning human driver’s in them a killer selling point for sure. Let foreign and not past example inform but not dictate. The future can and should be always less then lethal to travel in. Transit fails for supporting it’s labor force over the public interest. Google is to blame more then Copenhagen is lame. Trains without steerjng wheelzzs shiukd not still employ closeted driver’s and only dumb controls while cars of any kind at any speed are condoned as that is to do the ultimate evil.

  2. […] Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: The risks of biking in the Valley, Pippa makes it all the way, and a road rager attac… […]

  3. Biker395 says:

    I believe the victim in the Salinas collision may be Michael Reeves … the husband of the first female Episcopal Bishop in California. She began her ministry at our little Church in Redondo Beach.


  4. Mike says:

    The Salinas victim was in fact Michael Reeves –

    The diocese has now posted an item concerning funeral services –

    And another one concerning memorial gifts –

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