Morning Links: Gfunk in Long Beach, Complete Streets in Pasadena and a road raging Canadian goose


We’ve got an exceptionally long list of bike links from here in LA and around the world. So settle in for some serious Thursday clicking.

Just don’t even think of bothering me between 9 and 11 am.

No, seriously.



The Daily News says Seleta Reynolds is the right choice to get LA moving as head of LADOT, while Streetsblog says the City Council Transportation Committee gives her an enthusiastic thumbs up, as well.

The LA City Council votes to study placing an eight-mile bike path in the bed of the LA River.

Boyonabike says Pasadena could be on the brink of adopting a complete streets plan.

Long Beach’s protected bike lanes need protected intersections, as well. Meanwhile, the Tuesday night Gfunk ride brings out the funky nocturnal side of SoCal’s most bike friendly city.



The Orange County Transportation Authority hosts a meeting to discuss a countywide bicycle network.

A writer for the Coastline Pilot asks why Laguna Beach continues to tolerate bike and pedestrian deaths. Good question. Then again, why does any city — including LA?

BikeSD calls for a Vision Zero for our neighbor to the south.

A 77-year old Newbury Park resident leads a group of older riders on a 3,000 mile adventure of a lifetime.

San Francisco installs bike lockers in city-owned parking garages; we need some of that here.

Proposed legislation to allow protected bike lanes in California comes up for an important committee hearing today; the bill is sponsored by Calbike, but opposed by CABO for reasons they insist make sense to them. Meanwhile, Calbike offers their monthly report, including the status of current bike bills and bad news for bikes in the state budget.

Marin County investigators recover 130 stolen bikes.

After police refuse to help, a Sacramento-area man steals his stolen bike back.



The National Transportation Safety Board recommends requiring side guards on semi-trucks to keep cyclists and pedestrians from being crushed underneath.

A Kickstarter project is raising funds to build the world’s fastest bike.

A road raging Ohio driver assaults a cyclist riding with his son before his unoccupied truck crashes into another vehicle; of course, the driver insists he did nothing wrong.

It takes a real jerk to steal 15 bikes from a Special Olympics competition.

Two Dallas women are riding 3,000 miles to raise awareness about ovarian cancer.

A New York reporter insists the key to reducing traffic deaths is to keep those damn bicyclists and pedestrians out of the way of the poor, beleaguered motorists.



A Canadian rider has a near-non-death experience, otherwise known as a faceplant in traffic.

Caught on video: After an Ontario cyclist is nearly turned into road kill by a passing truck, the idiot brigade questions whether bike riders belong on the road. Although I have to admit, that shoulder looks pretty spacious and comfortable from here.

An Irish car passenger rolls down his window and pushes a 13-year old cyclist off his bike. Schmuck.

Scotland’s road deaths drop to a record low, despite increases in bike, motorcycle and car fatalities; only pedestrian deaths actually declined.

Cheng Ji is set to become the first Chinese rider in the Tour de France.



At least we only have to deal with angry drivers, as an Ottawa rider is attacked by a road raging evil-eyed goose. And a Bay Area father politely asks for his bike back after he leaves it unlocked on the sidewalk overnight.


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