Morning Links: Wolfpack Hustle debates bike lanes with John & Ken, and Calbike forms state’s 1st bike PAC

Wolfpack Hustle’s Don Ward — aka Roadblock — debates bike lanes with KFI-640’s bike-hating John and Ken.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to this one myself yet, but knowing Don, it should be well worth the listen. If you can tolerate the willful indignorance of the hosts, anyway. Thanks to Erik Griswold for the link.

Meanwhile, Streetsblog’s Joe Linton offers constructive criticism of the Times’ pro-bike plan editorial criticizing District 1 councilmember Gil Cedillo’s veto of the North Figueroa road diet and bike lanes.


Is there a problem with racism in the Tour de France peloton?



The Times looks at the proposed law to create a much needed alert system for serious hit-and-runs.

Books on bikes could be coming to Boyle Heights.

Culver City Safe Routes to School hosts a family-friendly Bike, Walk & Scoot Festival this Saturday.

Santa Monica will install new green bike lanes on 2nd Street.



Calbike forms a political action committee to intervene in elections on behalf of bike riders. Maybe they can finance a recall in CD1.

Costa Mesa police are looking for a bike riding purse snatcher.

A Rialto cyclist is seriously injured in a collision with a dump truck.

Big Bear will host a bike festival and Gran Fondo on upcoming weekends.

The Bay Area’s largest bike festival comes to Oakland.



Bicycling reviews performance popsicles for cyclists.

New self-powered bike trailer takes the work out of towing.

Portland plans to rely on bicycles in case of disaster.

Evidently, it’s open season on pedestrians and bicyclists in NYC.

New York’s financially troubled Citi Bike is on a the verge of a large cash infusion and expansion.



Studies from around the world show investing in bicycling pays.

A letter writer says Montreal cyclists put up with a lot from drivers, while another asks what about pedestrians?

A British roadie website offers five reasons to become a cyclist. And then there’s cake.

Designed to be deadly? An Irish girl is the latest child to be impaled by the handlebars of her bike, a so-called freak accident that seems to happen on a regular basis.

Amazing idea, as the Cold War-era Iron Curtain is being turned into a 4,225 mile bike trail. Those of us old enough to remember the bad old days could never have imagined something like this.

Cyclists are trying to claim a piece of the road in Dar es Salaam.

A Brisbane rider looks at mirrors for bike riders.



A merry band of beery brothers bikes 426 miles through the Colorado Rockies. And caught on video: A truly horrifying first person view of the UK equivalent of a left cross; amazingly, the rider walked away.



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  2. Richard says:

    I have read your post twice at least now as I am back from topical index and obliquely as well respond to impalement link above also likewise yet unvisited…. having FINNALLY READ JUST ONE nYt story about how fiber is safer to fly in then ride on and likely easier to insure….. have not found there comment section yet. this reading folllows that made poesdible by the extended shelf life a print mag issue got from the bankrupt stocking company. old news there is a steel $600 cargo bike having great skeletal racks front and back. 15k for a pound and a half plastic toy or a life protecting and lasting several Armstrong strong in either bin even with lead acid affordably on board to help you uphill and distantly win. the times in utter cowardice notes as toys they are safe enough. our down hill hills not so steep or cogested to be run over too Many times by buddies behind us. too subtle though is the fact reported that fiber frames are unsafe for road use. inherently.

    the air is incapable of crushing like the earth is. for traveling on land our lives depend on us not dangling on string.

    Wal-Mart won’t scan there carbon fast human only hindered contraptions nor wil its customers shred ever wheel no longer rouletted on. such pervasive invasive technology is motorcities friend rather then a real alternative to mandating batteries and banning heat based inertial dumping aka friction braking. we are not the third world. for many years now storage has been good enough to make it our duty to criminalize the use of brake pads in public on any single passenger vehicle.

  3. Ralph says:

    I ride with a mirror all the time. I think it gives me a bit of an edge seeing vehicles coming up from behind. That way I also don’t seem to jump as much when I get Jerry Browned.

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