Morning Links: LA Streets officially suck, road raging Missouri mayor, and Canadian cyclist shot during race

Camelbak Podium IceI’m planning a review of the new Camelbak Podium Ice water bottle soon.

But here’s a short advance preview.

If you’re anywhere near a bike shop this weekend, stop in a buy one.

Best. Water. Bottle. Ever.




City Controller Ron Galperin explains why so many of LA’s streets suck.

Downtown’s California Plaza offers a free screening of the great bike-centric Triplets of Bellville this Friday, complete with live score and complementary bike valet.

Orange 20 offers a primer on LA’s least effective form of bicycling infrastructure.

A Glendale couple will ride 163 miles through Massachusetts to raise funds for a cancer research center.

Walk Bike Glendale hosts an Art Box Walk this Saturday.



As if bike-hating drivers aren’t bad enough. A Riverside rider is attacked by a German Shepherd that hates bikes, and bites the people on them.

Calbike offers their monthly update on bike advocacy on the state level.

Meanwhile, a new bill backed by Calbike seeks to modernize California’s outdated bike lane laws.



The Bike League introduces the new manager of their Women Bike program.

Bicycling talks with USC and Pepperdine grad Elysa Walk about her role with bike manufacturer Giant in making bicycling more accessible for everyone.

A cyclist says a road raging Missouri mayor yelled at him to get off the road before intentionally running into him; needless to say, the mayor tells a much different story. Thanks to Danny Gamboa for the heads-up.

No bias here, as the NYPD concludes no investigation is necessary before determining a bus vs bike collision was just an accident, but somehow, the rider’s fault.

Baltimore claims to be the birthplace of US bicycling.

Nice report from the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia demonstrating once again bikes really are good for business. Would someone please tell Gil Cedillo, Paul Koretz and Tom LaBonge?



Tragic end to a heroic act, as an 11-year old Canadian bike rider pushes a friend out of the way before he’s killed by a drunk driver.

A British Columbia cyclist uses his own pants as a tourniquet after he’s shot while competing in an overnight race.

The dark side of Britain’s post Olympic biking boom.

A former UK government minister says bikeways must be redesigned with separate lanes for fast cyclists and slower riders who want to “pootle.” Personally, I don’t even know how to pootle, and not sure I’d want to in public.

Aussie police look for a toothless man who’s been sabotaging Queensland bike trails. Maybe he blames a bike rider for knocking his teeth out.



Cyclists are up in arms after a British rental car company tells tourists to watch out for the country’s out of control cyclists. And after a Scottish rider has his bike stolen, he gets it back in much better condition.



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  2. The UK link for “pootling” space in the bike lanes is just their way of saying bike lanes are too narrow in the UK. And they just have to go a few miles away to the Netherlands for good examples to emulate.

  3. David says:

    The head of the LA Dept of Public Works was interviewed by 1070 CBS news radio recently on the bad streets and explained why there are so many bad streets. He explained that he is given a budget to repair streets, if a street is in excellent condition it gets continually maintained and paved–it’s not that expensive to pave a street in good condition. If the street is not in good condition, it costs 10x the amount of money to pave that street. If his department paves the good streets only, they can do more streets and report big numbers of work completed. The city counsel and politicians all know this and it has been going on for quite some time.

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