Morning Links: The Times says every driver should ride a bike, and cops throw the book at a Hawthorne rider


Amen, brother. An LA Times Opinion piece says too many police officers see the world from a windshield perspective. And that all cops should spend time on a bike — and all drivers, for that matter.

Now that’s progress. Even though Santa Monica bike ridership is through the roof, bike collisions are down below 2011 levels.

Very busy Bike Walk Glendale offers their December newsletter.

Monterey Park considers the proposed San Gabriel Valley regional bike plan Wednesday night.

A Hawthorne rider must have done something to royally piss off the local cops, as they throw the book at him — including citations for riding too far from the curb, public intoxication, resisting a peace officer and not having a light on his bike. At 11:30 am.



Pedal Love’s Melissa Balmer asks what gives you the courage to be the change you want to see?

Glendale Assembly Member Mike Gatto reintroduces a bill to create Amber Alert-style notices for serious hit-and-runs, despite Governor Brown’s veto of the same bill this year.

It’s clearly not just an LA problem, as a Bakersfield rider is killed in a hit-and-run.

San Jose bans bikes from downtown sidewalks. Sort of.

Yes, you can hunt by bicycle. Just don’t fall off and shoot yourself. Or someone else.



Evidently, it takes a real rocket scientist to stop drivers from texting.

Forty-three-year old Chris Horner continues his career, stepping down a level to the US-based Airgas-Safeway team.

Phoenix is just the latest city to get a bike share program before Los Angeles does, following the failure of a previous non-membership-based attempt.



Cycling Weekly looks at some of the more unusual Kickstarter bike projects.

Vancouver shows how to build a controversial bikeway after a near 20 year effort.

Someone in the UK is deliberately scattering pins on a bike path to cause flat tires and possibly injure riders.

Slate belatedly discovers that Norwegian bike escalator.

A Zambian bike rider is sentenced to six months hard labor for recklessly causing the death of another bicyclist in a head-on bike-on-bike collision. But since when is 53-years old an advanced age?



You’ve got to be pretty damn drunk to drive your car onto the bike and pedestrian pathway on the Golden Gate Bridge, let alone get it wedged there. Wait, you mean I’m not the only one who gets stuffed up — or worse — when riding a bike?

And that frightening video of a bear chasing a cyclist is probably fake, since the off-road rider in question would have to be doing around 40 mph on level ground to outrun it.


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