Morning Links: LA Weekly says LA driving is fun, LA doesn’t make the bike commuting list, and Lance lies again


The LA Weekly resorts to fiction, citing 12 streets that make you love driving in Los Angeles. Actually, nothing could make most LA motorists enjoy driving; only bike riders seem to truly enjoy our streets.

Glendale is the latest city to step up enforcement to prevent collisions involving cyclists and pedestrians. But police only ticket five people in the big dangerous machines that actually hurt people.

Flying Pigeon hosts their monthly Brewery Ride on Saturday.



KABC-7 offers a nice report on Monday’s memorial ride for Joey Robinson; let’s hope SoCal drivers were watching and got the message.

A Sacramento college student encourages us all to stay calm when encountering a flat tire.

Best advice ever? San Francisco traffic police say don’t rely on motorists to obey the law.



Clean Technica maps the top 25 US cities for bike commuting. And no, LA is not on the list, but Santa Monica is. And so is Santa Barbara.

In Portland, they have special lanes for bike riding chickens.

Caught on video: A Eugene OR driver blocks an unpainted bike box, then bumps a cyclist with his car twice — apparently on purpose.

Spokane thieves steal a green ghost bike for a 15-year old cyclist who died in a non-collision with a speeding police car.

Corpus Christi turns to bike cops to improve safety.

Michigan landowners don’t want a bike trail on their properties because they’d have to be more careful where they fire their guns.

In the immortal words of the Pretenders — and the Kinks before them — stop your sobbing; a Florida driver charged with killing a cyclist in a drag racing collision gets a stern warning from the judge to stop crying, already.

A Florida driver is arrested in the hit-and-run death of a bike rider; the victim wasn’t discovered for 11 hours after the collision. Which means the driver should face a murder charge on the assumption his victim might have been saved if he’d gotten help in time. Thanks to David Wolfberg for the link.



Game, set, match. A new Canadian study shows 12% of drivers pass cyclists unsafely on two lane roads without bike lanes; that drops to .2% on similar roads with bike lanes.

A Wednesday vote could determine whether London will take a bold step into a bike friendly future.

Caught on video: A Brit bike rider tries to beat a train crossing barrier, but gets knocked off his bike when it comes down on him.

Here’s something that will never, ever happen in the US, as Britain’s major political parties agree to participate in a debate on bicycling and bike infrastructure.

That Norwegian bike escalator is now available for installation anywhere in the world. Like maybe Los Angeles, for instance — and for as little as roughly $2 a yard.

New Zealand’s capital commits to making the city safer for cyclists.



Maybe he should stick to his bike. As if doping wasn’t bad enough, integrity-challenged Lance Armstrong hit two parked cars last December after drinking at a party, then drove away. His girlfriend, who claimed to be his wife, initially took the blame for him, which gave him plenty of time to sober up before the truth finally came out. Thanks to John McBrearty and David Wolfberg for the heads-up.


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  1. David says:

    Actually, the LA Weekly confessed to me that the most enjoyable time for Angelenos to drive their car is during rush hour when there are no other cars on the road…

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