Update: Unidentified woman killed in Orange collision while riding in crosswalk

It’s been a bad two days for Southern California bike riders.

According to the Orange County Register, a woman was killed as she was riding her bike in a crosswalk in the city of Orange Sunday evening.

The unidentified victim was crossing the street at the intersection of West Chapman Avenue and North Flower Street shortly after 6 pm when she was struck by a man driving a full-size pickup. She was taken to UCI Medical Center in Orange, where she passed away nearly 45 minutes later.

The paper reports the driver cooperated with investigators, and was sober at the time of the collision.

There’s no word on who had the right-of-way or which street the victim was crossing, or what direction the truck was traveling. A satellite view shows a two-lane street with a left turn lane on Fowler and six lanes with a left turn lane on Chapman, with crosswalks in each direction.

This is the 54th bicycling fatality in Southern California, and the 13th in Orange County. It’s also the third SoCal bicycling death in less than 22 hours.

Update: Comments from Bill Sellin identify her as Kathleen “Kat” Walker, a homeless woman who lived in the nearby Santa Ana river bed. 

He goes on to explain that as she rode in the crosswalk against traffic, she would not have had enough time to make it across all seven lanes if she didn’t push the button for the pedestrian crossing signal. In addition, the sun would have been facing the oncoming traffic close to sunset, making her difficult to see.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for Kathleen Walker and her family. 


  1. I thought you were going to take a mental health day away from the blog.

  2. JD says:

    Our prayers go up for the family and friends of the victim.

    • Bill Sellin says:

      Kathleen “Kat’ Walker, 37, living in the near by Santa Ana River bed…

      • Jena Saldana says:

        Excuse me Bill, but you are incorrect. She was not 37 and your statement regarding where she lived is questionable. Where did you get your information? What was your point in sharing her impoverished conditions? To embarrass her or let us know the depth of your ignorance?

  3. Paul says:

    This occurred about 50 yards from my house. It was at the intersection of Flower and Chapman. The area was taped off when I arrived. The truck (that was still there) appeared to have been headed westbound on Chapman, I do not know if they had just turned onto Chapman. The memorial at the sidewalk identifies her as Kathleen, known as “Kat”. Neighbors said she was crossing the street behind a man she was riding with who may have erroneously encouraged her to cross. Curious to still not see any news reports about it.

    • Bill Sellin says:

      Orange Police identified her as Kathleen Walker, age not reported;
      Crossing Chapman on wrong side of Flower in cross walk. Did not use button to get a crossing signal, but if green traffic signal, the phase is set fast & it was red before she crossed all 7 lanes… and the west bound traffic had a green, with sun set in their eyes so she was not seen. Collision completely avoidable; if side walk riding, best to stay on the right side, and at cross walks, red flashing or red hand means DO NOT go, REGARDLESS OF THE GREEN TRAFFIC SIGNAL; White stick figure means GO but don’t trust traffic; make eye contact, wave, be sure you are seen. If riding at dusk or later, white head lamp and reflectors are required on bicycles. Not enough- add lots of extra tail lights & reflective HiVis to help be seen in bad light conditions.

  4. Bill Sellin says:

    Confirmed – flowers & candles about 25 feet from NW corner in front of a Subway & Donut shop; Poster board & notes indicated Kathleen (AKA ‘Kat”) would be missed but no other info. Info on OC Coroner report gives no name or age (& mis-identified her as a pedestrian) Added her to the list of 12 in OC since last year’s Ride of Silence – rumors of another possible fatality in Irvine on same day (Alton, west of Culver on 9/26)

    • Iris m says:

      Bill, I still haven’t seen any media or postings about the one I saw. I Never thought I’d wish I’d have taken a picture of that horrible scene, but I wish I’d taken a picture. How could she just disappear?