Morning Links: LA River bike path closed through Memorial Day, and biking & walking are booming in the US

You might as well give up on riding the LA River bike path anytime soon.

LADOT reports the Army Corps of Engineers plans to keep the flood control closure in place through the Griffith Park, Silverlake and Atwater Village areas at least through Memorial Day. And possibly longer if El Niño persists.

LA River Closure

Then again, I wouldn’t plan on hiking Runyon Canyon, either.


The Alliance for Biking & Walking says both are on the increase.

According to Bicycle Retailer, the organization’s nearly 200-page 2016 biannual report says bicycling is up 71% in large cities since 2007, and 50% overall, even though men continue to outnumber women riders, who make up just 29% of all bicyclists.

The report also shows protected bike lanes encourage bicycling, increasing riding levels anywhere from 21% to 171%.

And eight out of the ten Complete Streets projects studied resulted in increased property values for the surrounding area. Which means that when home and business owners argue against bikeways, they’re fighting against their own financial self-interest.

Meanwhile, the reports lists the top ten US cities where people bike or walk to work. And needless to say, Los Angeles isn’t on it.

Although surprisingly, Los Angeles leads the nation in miles of bikeways. Too bad so few of them connect into a useful network, or those commuting levels might be higher.

US Bike Lane Comparison


It’s a CicLAvia preview battle royale, as reigning champ the Militant Angeleno is out with his epic 20-point look at Sunday’s North Valley ciclovía, while Valley boy CiclaValley challenges with a preview so jam-packed it had to come in two parts.

But as any fan of the pugilistic arts can attest, it’s the blows that land, not the ones thrown, that count.

Read ‘em all, and plan your day accordingly.


VeloNews offers a preview on the biggest year ever for women’s cycling.



The Valley’s Vineland Ave bike lanes get a coat of green paint in conflict areas in an attempt to keep cars out, since nothing else has seemed to work.

Look for the South Bay’s Beach City Bike Tours to be featured on the Today Show Friday morning.



Goleta approves plans for a bike and pedestrian bridge crossing San Jose Creek.

Sad news from Fresno, as a bike rider was killed after being hit by one or more cars. And a salmon cyclist suffered life-threatening injuries when he was hit by a car in nearby Hanford.

Alameda approves a plan to improve bike and pedestrian safety.

Outside Magazine provides a look at 21 of the world’s most beautiful bicycles from Sacramento’s North American Handmade Bicycle Show.



Caught on video: Michael Eisenberg forwards news of a stuck-and-run driver who somehow managed to travel more than 300 feet along a separated bike path on an Oregon bridge before getting wedged in, then simply went home for the night. leaving her truck where it was. Police let her off, saying totaling her truck was punishment enough.

Seattle’s city council can’t decide whether to save the city’s bikeshare program.

Cycling in the South Bay takes a trip down memory lane at Lance Armstrong’s Mellow Johnnie’s bike shop in Austin TX

Talk about a winner. An Arkansas woman whose dog mauled a cyclist last month is arrested for threatening a 17-year old girl on Facebook.

Caught on video 2: A road raging Chicago driver chases down and beats the crap out of a bicyclist, all because the rider softly said “You’re in the bike lane bro” as he rode past the man’s car.

New DC bike ramps will make it easier to bike near the White House.



A worldwide network of bike counters — including one at UCLA — show ridership is rising rapidly; a new report says training is the key to getting new riders out on the road.

A member of the Manitoba Hell’s Angels faces assault charges for pummeling a 14-year old boy for riding his bicycle past the biker’s yard.

A London bike loan program is helping to get underrepresented groups out on bikes; people get a bike, lock and helmet for a month, along with bicycle training, for the equivalent of just $14. Something like that could be very effective in increasing ridership in underserved areas right here in LA.

Despite vocal opposition, London’s network of segregated cycle tracks enjoys exceptionally strong support, with 71% of Londoners saying they’d like to see protected bike lanes on main roads in their own neighborhoods.

Okay, so maybe 3 pm on a Friday isn’t the best time to pull a 200-yard wheelie in front of a cop on a busy British street.

More stupid criminal tricks, as a New Zealand man left his bike helmet and lock behind after gunning down two people; DNA from the helmet identified him as the suspect.

A new Streetfilm looks at why so many people bike in Tokyo when there are so few bike lanes.

Speaking in Taipei, Trek’s CEO challenges bike makers to do more to support bike advocacy. Which shouldn’t be hard, since they currently do almost nothing.



When you have a $1.2 million bet on the line for your first bike ride in 18 years, clearly, the first thing to do is shave your legs; although a bicycle powered by 4,500 PSI of compressed air might help, too. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times — if you’re going to ride with meth and drug paraphernalia on your bike, put a damn light on it. Thanks to Bryan Dotson for the heads-up.

And the seven deadly sins of cycling that will have you burning in hell for all eternity.

Well, maybe not you, but some other cyclists you probably know.



  1. KB says:

    Ok, I think some context for what compresssed air as a means of mechanical energy storage is, and is not.

    First those few practicing in it, like the hot babe featured in a two page spread sitting gloriously on her big toy in full color, all rights reserved, not a new pic, in our WSJ print no less edition, not just a blog, barely a week ago, are not all about the hydrogen economy stupid, they done dat, been dear to it, and are all about nitrogen, oxygen, etc, because, duh, it’s everywhere and ‘free.’

    Take COMBINED HEAT AND POWER for example (CHP), in that scheme you burn some coal or whatever, to make obsolete distrubatable energy (hey, if ‘mikey’ want’s it or whatever why not? Well….) and get to keep the heat for free, and just pump the fumes into the sewer line so the kids downhill can deal with it.

    Compressed air goons want to use the wind our weather systems need to stay stable, or capture heat otherwise reflected back into space especially if by PV systems, and heat water with it, because warm water is cheaper to store then metal etc. melting/burning hot air.

    So some clown can go very far with this stuff thinking higher pressure is the way to greater range. Greater volume is duh, not pressure.

    Warm water is free duh, not just air.

    Recenting Washington Elemtary sold school bus 3600 pound composite tanks for, in undestroyed, truth be told, barely used condition, for under two cents each. (though with tax etc. the bidder has to pay over a dollar total, well over.)

    In doing so they denied the children dozens of tanks able to store at very low pressures enough energy to tow very long bicycle trains of peers many miles a day.

    In doing so, in buying new tanks with federal assistance to be used for internal combustion old engines, with fracked fuel, they deny there students grandchildrens a planet. On PBS the arc was shown last night, with the only assasination victim’s brother in law serving a year on it, as there alternate future, well one Noah’s among them if there very very very very very lucky that is. If that is luck.

    IN the movie of course the bed bugs get on the boat, not just the good guys and kids mates.

    In the real world illiteracy about energy is at an all time high.

    For example the energy stored by standing not sitting seems like the opposite is true- that more energy after a while at least, is on board, after plumping down into the bean bag, versus standing.

    We know that is not true, that time on a bike, pedaling, is time in recovery, therapy, the secret of our prowess in and especially out of bed, if we survive the trip that is.

    Last night though we learned the trip up, and back down, is not as dangerous as the year on the station, no kidding.

    We saw that in Kubrick of course, all the crew is not needed by HAL, who can lip read, but does not give a dam.

    So back to sub crystal version of air, not solid, nor liquid, but instead of baked corn husk fiber h20 molecules letting it be more dense, yet heavier by volume. Such heavy air is not presently available for purchase, despite Russian slave built rail shipping fracking distillates as if they are pipelines when they are anything but.

    A great secret is that the methane stored and wasted in the ground killing neighbors did so tax free. Because it was never sold. On our coasts billions (not adjusted for inflation!) where spent to heat that shit up for our domestic pipelines, all wasted, and since additional billions has been wasted to condense our better left in the ground dinasoar farts, for the machines to do that with ancient dirty dumb means.

    The energy is free to a fracker. Poor countries burn half the energy found by our CIA whose purpose is only to liberate them of it, before selling the worst of it, in demonstration fires above the sea, like fireworks in reverse. Nobody pays. No carbon tax for testing a well and wasting a trillion dollars of gas to prove a billion bucks of oil can be loaded after a trillion dolllars of damage is done leaking some of it and that too light and voluminous to sell junk or so said every still even punk.

    ANd helen goes on youtube in pixeled might as well be square shape saying it is about Bush’s staying hard for shaved surfer chicks or whatever and we are commies to have any fission at all, liquid helium ain’t no answer, not that she needs one, her dirty jokes are funny enough.

    So low pressure energy storage like where that gas was? Nobody dares speak of it.

    Low pressure. No thermal mitigation. Come on people! EFFICIENCY IS A SCAM. Literally everybody knows that.

    Lighting is diminimus. Transportation- all of it. Not just airline travel.

    It is about taxing, redistributing wealth, hogging land, nothing else.

    We can do that cleanly or with the best and brightest among us recognising us as the only threat, and taking us down with a few engineered molecules if not germs.

    Or we can consider the simple and few facts that matter.

    The tubes do not need to be super low pressure or at negative pressure duh. This is not complicated. Cargo people high not needed in right of way.

    Liquid forms of energy like nitrogen are not just for seducing the freshman with tasty ice scream made instantly on the fly.

    Phase change is important.

    Literacy, like it once was, all important.

    Except it is no longer like it was in texas for my first lover about having the best handwriting in the state as a kid.

    Kids having mastered carnal knowledge puberty for decades can and should move on to mechanical energy concepts and beyond. By beyond I do not mean microwave ovens lol or how to make plutonium from tapping into high tension powerlines.

    Or power cars with liquid aluminum, none of that nonsense please.

    Saltwater etc. all misses the point.

    Rocket science is easy if you have a transistor and a clue.

    Helium can indeed distribute fission energy without becoming radioactive itself, it does not gain any weight regardless of how ‘hot’ it gets.

    So Toyota places it’s bets on the greatest trojan horse ever built- a hydrogen tank equipped prototype in quasi production that with it’s standard tanks can go farther then any SUV fully filled with premium gas can using just air and an engine that might as well be free compared to the full production costing of fuel cells.

    Half the energy is wasted as currently operated. HALF! Versus much less if free gas is put in the same tanks, at even lower pressure for daily use, higher if you need to get to the beach on the other side of the continent or whatever without stopping, a trailer full behind in a wiener tank light and trivial to tow even with pedal power needed or not for that (depends on how much booze or belly fat passenger’s bring)

    Energy is free. Storage is trivial.

    Oil ain’t it, fossilised carbon flamable used to just blight land- flowing freely on surface it was toxic waste, left alone, until idiots realised dumber people could make them rich, and did, destroying our world likely for all time, unless, unless you reading this take simple action. And that isn’t donating petty cash to someone who never even considered college or whatever like that.

    Dropouts like Gates, men of profound Hubris like Z freak, however well intended, strike evil cords loudly, materialistic younger babes and kids behind them, ugly as any ever to reign, over 30, or nearly that, to be trusted by fools, deposed by necessity if only but if necessary with whatever means necessary.

    Smash your windows phone. Used Iphone 5’s are $50 on or less routinely.

    Better models availalbe in months given a market from me or any one able to go on any number of logic websites, Transistor’s are not national security resricted. AI is cheap.

    Lithium irrelevant.

    Teaching us how to build houses in trees next to streams like in disneyland of yesteryear at least that use falling water to do work so we can chill, that is the answer.

    Tidal, thermal, energy is everywhere and lesss then free.

    I spoke to a man who heated his office with coal recently to save hundreds a year over oil. Not kidding. He guess it was from Pen state, did not care, said he was an environmentalist, has installed air conditioning to deal with a window instead of opening it in Near Canada on 80 degree days.

    And so it will go on unless.

    Women and men, children and plants, defend themselves.

    Walk, talk, stalk.


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