No Morning Links today

Unfortunately, keeping up with yesterday’s two breaking news stories — and an attempt to correct a CHP officer’s mistaken interpretation of the ride-to-right requirement in yesterday’s Orange County Register — has taken up the time I would normally have used to write today’s Morning Links.

So please accept my apologies. And come back tomorrow, when I’ll try to catch up with an expanded Weekend Links.

Use the extra free time today to get out for a bike ride if there’s a break in the predicted drizzle. Or even if there isn’t.

And if you haven’t already, take a moment to sign up with the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition as part of our first-ever May BikinginLA LACBC Membership Drive.

We’re now up to 19 new members, so we need at least one more person to sign up now or renew your membership to keep up our one-a-day pace and make it 20 on the 20th.

And a special thanks to everyone who has joined already to help build a more bikeable community.


  1. Ted, you’re a saint. Taking the time to correct the law’s misinterpretation of the law in hopes of putting the misinformation genie back in the internal combustion bottle shouldn’t be necessary. But it is. Thank you for your efforts.
    Lazy journalists who who don’t make the effort to read the primary source, the CVC, enable inconsiderate motorists justify their aggressive driving. I hope the columnist, Jim Radcliffe, takes responsibility and prominently corrects his mistakes . . . sadly published the day after the global Ride of Silence.

    • bikinginla says:

      Thanks for the kind words, although I think that description gave the hosts of heaven a shudder. Hopefully he’ll respond, or at least reach out to someone like you in the area to verify what I sent him.

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