Morning Links: No motors at TdF, no more butts on the bike path, and no red light cams means more deaths

No major news to report today, so let’s get right to this morning’s linkage.


No signs of motor doping were detected at this year’s Tour de France.

Winner Chris Froome got all the attention, but it was fellow Brit Adam Yates who had the breakout performance in the Tour.

Froome admits his career started with a little fraud and deception. Meanwhile, the new Bahrain bike team becomes a reality; never mind that the new team owner is accused of torture.

Cycling Tips asks what pro cycling can learn from the way the International Olympic Committee handles whistle blowers.

U.S.A. Cycling hopes the Rio Olympics will bring more attention to bike racing in this country.



Santa Monica’s Breeze bikeshare closes in on 30,000 active users.

No more cigarette butts on the bike path in Hermosa Beach.

Cycling in the South Bay reports on a butt-numbing city council session that resulted in new bike-friendly signage in formerly bike-unfriendly Palos Verdes Estates. As well as an attempt by overly entitled homeowners in nearby Rancho Palos Verdes to ban bikes from “their” street in violation of state law.



The Voice of San Diego says it’s time to step up to save the city’s bikeshare system.

A Palm Springs street is getting new bike lanes following a road diet.

Oxnard discusses revitalizing the downtown area, in part by improving bicycle connectivity.

A Ventura judge concludes there’s enough evidence to hold the owner of a towing company over for trial in the hit-and-run death of a 14-year old bike rider.

A cyclist killed in San Luis Obispo County earlier this month was a world-class triathlete.

A Marin County motorist slams cyclists as dangerous law-breaking scofflaws who don’t pay their share and need to be licensed. Where to begin? Riding two abreast is legal in California, fast cyclists don’t belong on shared-use trails, and all of society benefits when people exercise and improve their health. And if he really thinks motorists and cyclists are no longer respectful of one another, maybe he should start by taking a good, long look in the mirror.

A local website offers five hidden mountain bike rides within an hour of Petaluma.



A new study shows traffic fatalities go up when cities turn their red light cameras off, like LA did a few years ago. One more example of the tough choices necessary if LA is serious about Vision Zero; red light cameras may not be popular with drivers, but they improve safety for everyone on the street.

A newlywed couple enjoy an “amazing” bike wedding, as a crazy idea becomes reality. In Portland, of course.

A Nevada state trooper rescues three brothers who took a wrong turn onto a freeway on their way to Walmart, riding their bikes along the center divider in 110 degree heat.

Maybe we need a change in the law, if killing a Colorado bike rider without a valid traffic license only merits a misdemeanor. Killing or injuring someone while driving without a license should automatically increase the offense to a felony.

Not surprisingly, the driver who injured a sleeping rider participating in Iowa’s RAGBRAI ride by running over his tent had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit.

Former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is one of us, showing up for work at his new job as an ESPN analyst on a tandem with his fellow analyst brother.

Massachusetts riders may get their bikes stolen, but at least the thieves are leaving a substitute.

A new North Carolina law will allow drivers to briefly cross the center line in a no-passing zone to go around a bike ride, as long as they give the cyclist a four-foot passing distance. CA Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a similar measure here, putting riders at needless risk from close passes and angry tailgating drivers.

If you want to ride a bike on Alabama’s Redstone Arsenal, put on a helmet and a reflective vest first. No, seriously.

A bighearted Florida cop digs into his own pocket to buy a six-year old girl a new bicycle after hers was stolen.



A new study says working in an office increases your risk of death up to 60%, and poses more risk than obesity. But the cure is as simple as riding your bike an hour a day.

More than half of all Canadian drivers find bike riders annoying; surprisingly, only 46% of cyclists say the same about motorists.

A cyclist riding across Canada is able to resume his tour when the bighearted people of Regina buy him a new bike after his was stolen on a stop in the city.

Slap, meet wrist. A road raging corporate executive buys his way out of a conviction and walks out of an Irish courtroom a free man, despite knocking a cyclist off his bike and violently choking him.

A new Swedish attachment promises to turn your bicycle into an ebike for under $100.

A group of Iranian women are arrested for the crime of riding a bicycle in public, and forced to sign a statement promising not to do it again.

Cycling is growing in Sydney, Australia, despite the anti-bike efforts of the state government, whose roads minister believes he’s saving lives by discouraging people from riding.



That Muslim-looking bike rider scaring the neighbors may be your son. If you’re carrying an unregistered concealed weapon, don’t ride salmon, already.

And we may have to deal with LA drivers, but at least we don’t have to dodge bush turkeys in the roadway.

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  1. JD says:

    We offer up our prayers for the family and friends of Bridget Dawson. Sadly, this devastating tragedy could have been averted simply by the driver finding someplace to pull over and park the vehicle prior to praying.

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