Morning Links: Trader Joes worker back at work after bad bike wreck; Iranian Paralympian cyclist killed in road race

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Good news from Silver Lake.

Egee Marbolis, the popular parking lot attendant for the local Trader Joes, is back at work ten months after suffering a broken back when his front fork collapsed.


Sad news from Rio, as 48-year old Iranian Paralympic cyclist Bahman Golbarnezhad was killed in a solo fall when he lost control on a descent and hit a fence during the road race for cyclists with limb impairments.

He’s the first Paralympic athlete to die during competition. An investigation has been launched into the crash.

Thanks to Megan Lynch for the link.


Two-time US champ and women’s Giro winner Mara Abbott calls it a career.

World Champion Peter Sagan can now add European champ to his list of accomplishments this year.

Former pro Ivan Basso is enjoying life out of the saddle as he moves to a new team to support Alberto Contador.

And British world champ Lizzie Armistead was late to her own wedding to another pro cyclist when her driver was delayed by a slow moving bike rider, and didn’t want to squeeze past on the narrow roadway.



This weekend’s Malibu Triathlon raised over $1,226,000 for the Pediatric Cancer Research Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

The Long Beach Press-Telegram talks with 16-year old Ivan Schmidt about why he rode 1,800 miles from British Columbia to Mexico to create awareness for rheumatoid arthritis.



Someone broke a window at Costa Mesa’s Cyclist Bike Shop and made off with two Specialized bikes worth six grand.

The Victor Valley Velo club rode in memory of a fellow cyclist on Sunday after she jumped to her death off an Ontario overpass. No matter what’s going on in your life, there are people who care; reach out to someone for help before you do anything that can’t be undone. Please.



Former Bicycling editor-in-chief Peter Flax writes that dump trucks seem to have priority over bicycles in North American cities, and saving lives should mean more than maximizing truckers’ productivity.

A new Kevlar-reinforced lock from a Portland company currently raising funds on Kickstarter promises to be flexible and lightweight, yet strong enough to withstand bolt and wire cutters.

Chicago Cubs 2nd baseman Ben Zobrist rides to home games on his cruiser bike, in full uniform. So much for all those people who say you can’t commute by bike in your work clothes. Thanks to Todd Munson for the heads-up.

One hundred Louisville KY kids got new bicycles in honor of Muhammad Ali, whose boxing career started after his own bicycle was stolen.

A New York Post columnist confesses to taking the law into his own hands and assaulting a bike delivery man for the crime of running a red light.

Former Miami Heat player Dwayne Wade rode with members of the city’s police department to promote unity in the community.



Just weeks after Virgin owner Richard Branson survived a bad bicycling crash, his son suffered road rash after hitting oil on a charity ride, along with several other riders.

London charity groups are reconditioning abandoned bikes to give to refugees and asylum seekers, and offering workshops to give them basic maintenance and riding skills.

A British cyclist has found it much harder than expected to break the 77-year old women’s year record; she still has 8,000 miles to go in the next three months.

Bicycling is the new drug of choice for former Hong Kong addicts.



If you’re going to get drunk and steal a pink kid’s bike, don’t ride salmon and lightless — although leaving the training wheels on was probably a good idea. If your only riding attire is a helmet and a shirt wrapped around your face, you’re probably doing it wrong.

And evidently, you don’t need a bicycle to join in on a club ride.

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