Morning Links: UCLA bikeshare may be doomed, sleep bike riding in the UK, and riding a wave on two wheels

It’s a surprisingly light news day after last weekend’s massive post. So take a few minutes to read today’s post, then get out on your bike and enjoy the cool fall weather.



A writer for UCLA’s Daily Bruin says the hilly terrain on campus and the lack of safe infrastructure in Westwood could doom the university’s bikeshare system before it starts. You can thank Councilmember Paul Koretz for the lack of bike lanes off campus.



Victorville cyclists honor a pair of fallen bicyclists at the second annual Victor Valley Bicycle Tour.

Around 850 bicyclists took part in Sunday’s SLO Gran Fondo along California’s Central Coast.

A Fresno bike rider was critically injured in a collision at an intersection after allegedly riding though a red light. Somehow, bicyclists always seems to be the ones at fault when they’re no longer around around to tell their side of the story.



Men’s Journal explains everything you need to know about Everesting, which is repeatedly riding uphill until you reach the equivalent distance of climbing Mt. Everest. Sherpas optional.

Once again, authorities manage to keep a dangerous driver on the road until it’s too late. A Portland driver killed a cyclist after being convicted of 31 driving infractions, including one count of hit-and-run and eleven convictions for driving with a suspended license. Yet somehow, he was still able to remain behind the wheel until he killed someone.

Sad news from Colorado, as a cancer-stricken dog riding across the US with his owner has died, just days after the Marine veteran’s specialized bicycle was stolen; he set off on the cross-country trip to ensure that the dog’s last days would be her happiest.

A Minnesota newsman goes riding with a group of fourth and fifth graders, part of a program to empower kids by getting them out on bicycles for a couple hours after school, rain or shine.

Kindhearted Columbus OH cops take time to fix a little boys bike after responding to another call.



London cyclists will hold a die-in tonight to protest the death of yet another bike rider killed by a large truck.

A Cambridge traffic planner argues for getting away from distinctions between types of cyclists, saying there’s only one type of person who rides a bike — someone who wants to get from A to B, regardless of how fast or slow they may go.

A British website suggests eleven ways to stay safe when riding this winter.

A Englishman can thank a man out for a run for saving his life after he suffered a heart attack while riding his bike. Meanwhile, a London air ambulance crew saved the life of another rider by preforming a rare heart procedure on the side of the roadway.

In a truly bizarre case from the UK, a retired postman may have been riding his bicycle in his sleep when he rode into a river and drowned.

A French police agency says bike riders are at fault in half of all bicycling collisions, and points the finger at “inconsiderate” riders. Does mean inconsiderate drivers are responsible for the other half?

A Kiwi writer says it’s time to cut bike riders some slack, because we help drivers more than we hold them up. Despite the prime minister’s son’s idiotic assertion that “real men ride women,” not bicycles.

An Aussie Vietnam War vet is nearing the end of a one-legged, 10,000 kilometer ride from Hanoi to Sydney — the equivalent of 6,214 miles — to call attention to veteran suicide and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Singapore cyclists are modifying their ebikes to turn them into virtual motorcycles. And at least one British rider did, too.



Caught on video: It’s one thing to wave while you ride, another to get carried away by one. When your costume comes from Stranger Things, a bicycle is mandatory.

And your next bicycle could have a four stroke, multispeed gas engine.

Or maybe not.

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