Morning Links: Westwood Great Street needs bike lanes, and Pasadena approves Union Street cycle track

It’s a light news day, thanks to yesterday’s election. So give this a quick read, then get out on your bike and keep riding until you work all the stress and anger out.

Which in my case, may take months.


A pair of UCLA deans team up to explain why Westwood Blvd should be a Great Street with bike lanes.

They make a great case.

Unfortunately, it comes several months too late to keep the lanes in the city’s mobility plan.


Pasadena approves funding for the Union Street road diet and cycle track, despite concerns over outreach and the effect it will have on the disabled.

Although it’s hard to imagine that disabled people are better off negotiating a wide, high speed street than one that’s narrower and easy to cross.


The French are taking UCI to court over changes to the WorldTour calendar.

A British amateur cyclist banned for doping last year finally admits his guilt and regrets.



Police identify the victim of Sunday’s bizarre Van Nuys road rage carjacking and murder, which started as an apparent road rage dispute between the driver and a man on a bike.

CiclaValley says Sunday’s Phil’s Fondo was phun. Phonetic pun not my phault.

Santa Monica’s Breeze bikeshare celebrates its first anniversary on Saturday with an open house and free rides.

A writer for the Press-Telegram says car crashes run in the family. Actually, that seems to be true for most families these days.



California voted on eleven transportation measures yesterday, with $8.3 billion earmarked for bicycling projects.

The body of Menifee man who appeared to have been dead for some time was found in the bushes along a roadway, with a bicycle nearby; it could be a local man who disappeared 13 days ago. However, there’s no confirmation at this time that the bike was his, or that he was riding at the time of his death.

Clovis proposes adding bike lanes and pedestrian walkways to the city’s Old Town area.



A media writer says Donald Trump needs to get back into the bike race business, while Vice President-elect Mike Pence bikes the vote. Although it looks like Trump will be otherwise occupied for the next four years.

A writer for a Wisconsin paper urges mothers not to ride a bike with a baby on board, and wear a damn helmet while you’re at it. Better yet, just wrap the kid in bubble wrap, and don’t let them out of the house until they’re 18.

The four survivors of the Kalamazoo massacre are expected to testify in the trial of the allegedly stoned driver who hit them and killed five others.

Volunteers clear debris left over from Hurricane Matthew from Savannah bike lanes.



Caught on video: Mountain biking through the challenging streets of Taxco, Mexico.

A Canadian paper fills in the backstory on an Ontario man popularly known as The Bike Man, who passed away at 90 recently.

Hundreds of London bicyclists stage a die-in outside the mayor’s office to demand safer streets.

A UK bike site asks if ‘cross is the future of cycling.

Caught on video too: A fan filming the action nearly gets taken out by a Belgian cyclocross crash.

It turns out Amsterdam has the slowest bike paths in the Netherlands, while Utrecht has the fastest.

Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor is one of us, as he takes fans on a musical ride to promote his new film.

A photographer captures Hanoi’s bike-born street vendors from above, turning their massive loads into art.



Now you can virtually ride across Canada on a stationary bike, which could be good practice if we all decide to move there. Your next bike could be a functional synthesizer.

And if you’re not racing, you don’t need to be aero.


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