Morning Links: More bike giveaways, running a cyclist over for $15, and virtually ride your way to the pros

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‘Tis the season.

Kindhearted neighbors of a 90-year old retired doctor in Ocean Beach team up to buy him a new bike after the three-wheeler he’d ridden every day for the past ten years was stolen from his yard.

Fontana police donate a total of 100 bicycles to local kids.

A Petaluma bike mechanic is refurbishing 50 adult and children’s bicycles to donate to a local homeless charity for their private bikeshare program.

A Pennsylvania auto dealer invites 60 kids for milk and cookies and a new bicycle.

Bighearted North Carolina kids pitch in to buy a new adult tricycle for an 82-year old woman after getting to know her during last fall’s Hurricane Matthew.

A New Zealand program to help get people on bicycles who couldn’t otherwise afford them has refurbished 75 out of 200 donated bikes, with 48 ready to give away.


After weeks of speculation about a mysterious package delivered to Bradley Wiggins’ Team Sky in 2011, they tell Parliament that it was an innocent shipment of flu medication. Which seems like a perfectly reasonably explanation now that it’s five years too late to verify.

Good news from the UK, as track cyclist Victoria Williamson is back to training after suffering a broken neck while racing in Rotterdam.

Former pro cyclist Chris Stockburger, now an orthopedic surgeon, is conducting a research study of injuries and safety problems common to competitive cyclists.

Two thousand Kiwi cyclists turn out to ride with Lance Armstrong, yet the first word of the story is still “Disgraced.” On the other hand, a former New Zealand cycling great says don’t scapegoat Lance for making the best of a rotten system and era.

Two competitors in the Tour of Costa Rica get the boot after one gave the other a boot following a high-speed crash.



Metro wants to know where you’d put bikeshare docks in Venice and Pasadena.

NELA’s Fletcher Drive gets new pavement, a road diet and nearly one mile of bike lanes. Funny how much progress is being made building bike lanes just outside, but not in, Gil Cedillo’s 1st Council District.

LA Curbed takes a look at the new protected bike lane on one side of Van Nuys Blvd in Pacoima, part of the mayor’s Great Streets program.

Three Santa Monica elementary schools are among the most dangerous in the state for kids getting to and from school, whether by car, bike or on foot.

Good piece from SoCal Bicyclist reporting on last week’s die-in in Palos Verdes Estates, and the less-than-friendly reception the protesters got from city hall.



BikeSD asks if San Diego is ready to make the switch from auto-centric Level of Service to the multi-modal Vehicle Miles Traveled. And answers probably not.

Santa Barbara teens form a bike co-op at the local high school.

Hollister receives a $1 million grant to improve bike and pedestrian access. The city was made famous by the 1947 motorcycle riot depicted by Marlon Brando in The Wild One.

Uber admits its self-driving cars have a nasty habit of right-hooking bicyclists riding in San Francisco bike lanes, and promise to fix it.



People for Bikes reports on the nation’s best new bike lanes. Exactly none of which are in Los Angeles. Or anywhere else in Southern California, for that matter.

Bicycling suggests rad-itizing your bike with custom paint.

The Seattle Times asks if the city’s mandatory bike helmet law will kill its $5 million attempt to reboot its bikeshare program. Short answer, probably.

A Wisconsin town is allowing fat bikes on skate trails on a trial basis.

An Ohio man faces charges for knocking a man off his bike, then getting back in his car and deliberately running over him in a dispute over a lousy $15. Imagine what he would have done for $20.

The debate over Philadelphia bike lanes is targeted by fake news, as NIMBY opponents create excuses with no bearing in fact. Which sounds like every public bike lane meeting I’ve ever attended.

A Baltimore bike advocate discusses how bike infrastructure can address inequality in the city, where most of the existing bike lanes have gone into wealthy, white neighborhoods.

This is why you always carry identification. North Carolina authorities are trying to identify a man who died after falling off his bicycle. If you or someone you know rides without ID, do something about it now.



An Alberta, Canada writer says he’s riding for hope after losing his wife to cancer.

Police in the UK are looking for the bike-riding jerk who responded to a crash with a 72-year man on a shared pathway by pushing him up against a fence and spitting in the man’s face. I always try to see the other side of the story. But in this case, let’s hope the stocks are still legal over there.

The war on cars may be mythical, but the war on bikes is real. A Brit cyclist was lucky to avoid a tripwire strung across a promenade by a group of kids.

An Edinburgh columnist concedes that drivers who kill deserve punishment, but those darn cyclists need to need to obey the law, too. So why doesn’t anyone ever complain about all those scofflaw drivers who put far more people at risk?

Celebrate the 200th birthday of the bicycle with a special German 20 Euro coin.

A bike advocacy group in The Netherlands calls a proposed ban on smartphone use while riding senseless and unenforceable.

A pair of Indian cyclists are riding across the subcontinent to call attention to organ donation.

This is the cost of traffic violence, as a promising young doctor was killed riding her bike before she could start her new job with an Australian hospital.



Keep sweating in that virtual cycling class, and maybe you too can win a spot on a pro team. Run a red light on your bike in Switzerland, and lose your driver’s license, which you may or may not have.

And something is seriously wrong when a five-year old girl isn’t safe riding in the cul-de-sac in front of her house.


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One comment

  1. Mike Casey says:


    They split the “accident” types in 3 buckets: Car accidents, pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents.

    But what’s a pedestrian or a bike accident? Is it a pedestrian falling off the side-walk spraining his ankle? A cyclist hitting a garbage bin? I doubt…

    Sounds to me like the buckets should be named:
    Car crashing in another car.
    Car crashing in a pedestrian.
    Car crashing in a cyclist.

    School zones should really be car-free zones. In my country, there was a law prohibiting child drop-off. It was either bus, walk or bike only. I remember looking forward to my bike commute everyday as a kid. It was always the best part of the day!

    This morning, a no school day, the streets were so quiet and SAFE here in Santa Monica. It’s really obvious what’s the problem.

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