Morning Links: TdF champ Froome run off the road, Cedillo remains unpopular, and dodging bears on your commute

It’s Morning Links lite today, as last night’s breaking news and a broken internet connection took up too much of the evening.

But we managed to save the most important stuff for you.

So give it a read, then ignore the threatened May gray and drizzle, and get out for a ride. Or the other way around.


It’s not just us. Even Tour de France champs have to contend with angry drivers, as Chris Froome was run off the road by an impatient jerk while on a training ride in southern France; fortunately, he’s okay but his bike is toast.

If you’re jonesing for the Giro, which isn’t being carried on US TV, you can see it here if your willing to pay after the free seven-day trial ends. Thanks to Madeline Brozen for the tip.



CiclaValley says next week’s series of Vision Zero Roscoe meetings and workshops are an important step in changing the auto-focused nature of our streets.

Bike SGV continues their series of Bike Month profiles of riders in the San Gabriel Valley.

Pasadena bike riders can enjoy a luxury pit stop next Thursday at the Langham Hotel for Bike to Work Day.

According to the LA Times, CD1 incumbent Gil Cedillo remains deeply unpopular in the district, despite the problems with the Bray-Ali campaign. Meanwhile, CD1 resident Todd Munson observes the irony of being asked to vote for Cedillo while being blocked from his Twitter account.



A San Diego bike rider and her dog are both expected to be okay after they were hit by a driver as they crossed a City Heights street in a crosswalk.

A bike rider apologizes for being rude to a Sacramento cop who just tried to say hello.



Now that’s scary. A Houston study shows one in three bike riders and pedestrians reported at least one near-miss or other close calls with a motor vehicle in a single week, while several reported those close calls lead to physical intimidation and verbal assaults by drivers.

Gear Junkie goes undercover with the Minneapolis vigilante bringing bike thieves to justice.

The LAPD officers on the Hollywood to DC Hollywood Memorial Ride to honor fallen officers passed through Cookeville TN on their way to Virginia.

Drunken, hit-and-run Baltimore ex-bishop Heather Cook was denied parole on Tuesday; the outright denial means Cook will have to serve her full sentence, though she could get out up to a year early with time off for good behavior.

A local TV station says there are fewer potholes in New Orleans bike lanes than then rest of the street because of the gas and water lines that lie underneath the traffic lanes. Or maybe it’s because bikes don’t cause wear and tear to the pavement like cars, SUVs and trucks.



A new report from the World Health Organization tells the world’s drivers to slow the f*** down. Although they might have phrased it a tad better.

A Vancouver commercial street is thriving, despite fears a road diet and separated cycle track would kill the businesses alongside it.

The BBC justifiably catches hell for asking who was to blame after a van driver used his vehicle as a weapon to force a bike rider off the road.

This is the cost of traffic violence. A British mother will have her baby behind bars after being convicted of intentionally running a bike rider off the road and into a tree because he had the audacity to complain about her use of a cell phone while driving.

A new Kickstarter campaign is under way to start the process of rescuing at least 80 neglected bikeways in the UK that were built with Dutch guidance in the 1930s.

A woman is running for city council in Tehran, Iran on a platform of creating bikes lanes and pedestrian-friendly streets that would allow women to walk safely. More evidence that cities around the world face similar problems due to overreliance on motor vehicles.



Evidently, if you want to try bike commuting, you have to look the part. You also want to make sure no one else is riding your bicycle.

And try to avoid getting chased by a bear on the way.

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