Homeless bike rider dies hours after he was hit by a car in Santa Ana

This morning we mentioned that a bike rider was seriously injured after reportedly riding out into traffic in Santa Ana.

Now word comes that he died of his injuries several hours after the wreck last night.

The Orange County Register reports that 54-year old David Lee Macmillian was struck by a car near Main Street and Columbine Ave around 6:47 pm. He is described as homeless.

Macmillian was reportedly riding north on the sidewalk on the southbound side of Main Street when rode out into traffic, and was hit by the driver of a 2005 Corvette.

However, it’s very unclear what that means.

A street view shows a T-intersection controlled by a red light, with three lanes in each direction on Main.

It could be that he came off the curb mid-block and rode into traffic on the wrong side of the street, or he could have attempted to cross Main.

There’s also a a utility box and light pole blocking the sidewalk just past Columbine, which could have caused him to enter the street to go around it.

The Register says it’s still unknown whether Macmillian was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The question is whether his actions on the bike suggest he was drunk or stoned, or if police suspect that merely because he was living on the streets.

This is the 53rd bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the ninth in Orange County. It’s also at least the 11th bicycling death in Santa Ana since 2011.

That compares to 66 in SoCal this time last year, and ninth in Orange County.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for David Lee Macmillian and all his loved ones. 



  1. David says:

    I think Santa Ana is one of the most dangerous places to cycle in Southern California. Bike groups in OC alter their routes to stay out of there, even if it is for just a couple of blocks.

  2. Biked says:

    The road was closed for many hours. The convention of mentioning home town might be why he is referred to as without one.

    It would be worse if the street was closed only long enough for cleaning.

    • bikinginla says:

      A response to this comment was removed for violating one of the few requirements we have here. Please avoid any personal attacks or insults; feel free to disagree, but please try to remain respectful of other people.

      And in all comments, let’s remember that it’s highly likely that friends and relatives of the victim will see this at some point. Discuss any relevant issues, but remember, a person whose life had value died here.

  3. Biked says:

    The slur was clickbait upon hatred as it is too soon and too vague to use the term for a deceased person. He was not a tourist apparentiy, not wealthy…. just a near certain cause of a collision that did not hurt others more then him yet.

    The worst fault ever read about so far here given quote of findings.

    Disparage his biking after 5 plus hour investigstion and night passing but so poorly describing how he lived the cops should of held there tongue even longer on.

    He was as if chased at gunpoint… crazy, irresponsible impulsive course plotting guilty. Say that! The cars did well not having more injured even is fact if reported facts are true. Robots likely would not of done better then drivers did, high praise!

  4. Biked says:

    Final comment on wrong way curb issue.

    Recently i waited on a driver to enter road from side street as we faced each other. Iwas at median as if fo make a u turn. She waived me after refusing to go. I reluctantly crossed but did not goto her right, i rode just left of her, to enter curb, to not travel on road in wrong direction, to ride wrong way on curb instead.

    Oh yes i was in fact making that u turn but then decided to not be sent out of my way. To have her pass me then me turn back or be stuck on stickery sidewalk.

    So i accidentally faked her out.

    No wonder i felt bad.

    When in middle of a road we also need predictability. Pressured for any reason we can make errors.

    Begin to apparently u turn twice, first left to finsh, then right a bit to correct that based upon scene, all to cross as we desired in right of way but not after right turner entrant.

    … Amen.

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