Rally tomorrow demanding justice for Scott Clark; OC triathlete was collateral damage in alleged 2017 road rage case

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When does justice delayed become justice denied?

Apparently, when Orange County investigators drop the ball.

And the DA drops the case.

Bike lawyer Ed Rubinstein forwards a flyer demanding justice for a Laguna Hills father, teacher and triathlete who was killed over two years ago, the result of a road rage incident between two motorists.

Scott Clark, a fifth-grade teacher at Laguna Niguel Elementary School and four-time Ironman triathlete, was training for a race in January, 2017, when he ran into a crosswalk just as two women were arguing as they sped down the road in Laguna Nigel.

One of the women, later identified as Jamie Mulford, allegedly turned right from the left lane in front of the other car, cutting off the driver and forcing her  car into Clark as he crossed the street.

He suffered severe head injuries, and died two weeks later.

Mulford was arrested at the scene for suspicion DUI, but the charge was dropped because investigators failed to test her blood alcohol level for nearly six hours after the crash, by which time she was under the legal limit.

The DA eventually charged Mulford with vehicular homicide in the death of Scott Clark. Yet after numerous delays, the case was dismissed ths year when the DA said they could no longer prove Mulford’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Adding insult to overwhelming injury, Mulford sued Scott Clark’s wife for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress — choosing the two year anniversary of his death to file suit.

It took less than a month to have the case thrown out of court for lack of merit.

Which bring us to tomorrow’s rally calling for justice for Scott Clark.

Supporters of Clark — or anyone who believes in the safety of our streets — is urged to meet at Laguna Nigel City Hall at 10 am Saturday to walk to the crash site at Niguel Road and Alicia Parkway.

I don’t know if Jamie Mulford is guilty.

But I do know Scott Clark’s survivors deserve to have the case put in front of a jury.

And newly elected DA Todd Spitzer owes them that.

Thanks to Ed Rubenstein for the heads-up.


  1. Ed Rubinstein says:

    Thank you Ted. I have no professional involvement with this case, but my wife received the flyer and I feel something is not right. I am glad you helped me spread the word. Ed R Bikelaw@att.net

  2. Daisy Clark says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Scott is my brother. And to say this has been a nightmare for our family is a huge understatement. The OC DA’s office and Sheriff’s Dept. have been bumbling this case since the night of the accident. We have been treated like our loss is not important. We haven’t even been able to see the police report!! Someone is covering up something. We will not stop until justice has been served. If we do, no runner or pedestrian or cyclist or motorist will be safe while Jamie Mulford is driving. She has 3 previous DUI arrests! Do the math. Do it for Scott.

    • Stacey says:

      Hello ,
      I am just now hearing about this case . I don’t live in the area but happened to see this fact sheet at the tennis club my daughter belongs to . This is a terrible story . I too lost my brother and his best friend from a 17 year old drunk driver that served 8 months in a boys home . This destroyed my parents and our family . I was 12 yeRs old at the time . My parents never recovered . The laws need to be stricter with these people . My heart was crushed seeing Scott’s picture and reading this story and then I started diving into it and read about mr Anderson . This woman needs to be off the streets . I’m praying for you all .

    • John says:

      A tragic accident. Driving unsafe. Not intentional and not so outside the speed boundaries to clearly establish criminal recklessness. That’s why the DA can’t proceed. It’s, perhaps unfortunately, a civil matter.

  3. If they took the blood test her level of impairment could be determined by regression from the level at the time of the test to the time of the wreck based on the rate the liver processes alcohol. I don’t know if this is admissible in CA as only a few states allow regressive analysis.

  4. Charlotte Hibsch says:

    Christy, I am wishing you and your family well at this rally. I hope that you can accomplish all that you set out to do. I am unable to attend, but I will be thinking of you all and hold you in my heart.

    • Stacey says:

      This is a terrible tragic story.
      This woman needs to be off the streets .
      I dont know how this happens and the drinks gets off and lives their life.
      This woman destroyed the families of two different people ,
      And possibly still drunk driving since there is no repercussions.This happened to my family .
      My brother and his best friend were 19 years old and a drunk 16 year old hit and killed them both , he served 8 months in a boys home . My parents have never recovered from this .
      The laws need to be strict . My heart was crushed when I read this story about Mr Clark and then to deep dive into the case and hear about Mr Anderson in 2010 .
      What is the problem with the police Dept not running the proper blood tests for over 5 hours ?
      Awful ! Tragic . Such a tremendous loss. This can’t be ignored .

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