Virtual Sea Otter Classic opens tomorrow, lasting Covid heart damage in athletes, and Madrid builds greenbelt bikeway

One quick thought before we leave the Uplift Melrose project behind us, which we’ve been discussing the past few days.

Whether you supported or opposed the project, or something in between, you had a right to be heard.

By unilaterally killing the project at the beginning of the public comment process, CD5 Councilmember Paul Koretz took that away from you.

And all of us.

Never mind that actions like that inevitably lead to suspicions of undue influence, if not outright corruption, on a city council tarred by the Englander and Huizar bribery scandals.

We all deserve open, honest and democratic government from our elected leaders.

Not crap like this.

Photo by Visually Us from Pexels.


A new Sea Otter Classic for the Covid Age opens online tomorrow, with over 250 brands participating.

The event is free for consumers.


You might want to pass on the hard rides for awhile if you’ve had Covid-19.

Studies are showing that even if you’ve recovered from the virus, it can cause long-lasting heart damage. And not just in serious cases, but in people who’ve had just mild or no symptoms, as well.


This is what can be done if you really want to make a difference fighting pollution.


Now that’s how you introduce your eponymous new mountain bike helmet line.



Thirteen things to know about Dijon Kizzee, the Black bike rider fatally shot by sheriff’s deputies in South LA last week — including that he loved riding anything with two wheels.

You can now find LA’s Slow Streets on Google Maps.

Eastside LA bike repairs are booming, too.

Pasadena police will be conducting another bicycle and pedestrian safety crackdown on Friday. The usual protocol applies — ride to the letter of the law until you cross the city limit line, so you’re not the one who gets ticketed.



Santa Barbara police bust a 19-year old bike thief who rode off from a local bike shop on a $12,500 Specialized S-Works bike, then came back to take another; he was in the process of painting over the serial number when he was arrested.

Tragic news from Oakland, where a 67-year old woman was killed in a left hook collision while riding her bike. Thanks to Phillip Young for the heads-up.



CleanTechnica reviews the new Lumos Ultra smart helmet with built-in lighting and turn signals.

GQ gets recommendations for the best gear for the pandemic bike boom from seven riders, including LA’s own Phil Gaimon. Meanwhile, demand is so high for certified used bikes right now that some are selling for more than the sticker price.

Forbes considers whether you need insurance for your bike in case of theft or damage. Yes, unless you ride a cheap bike you can easily afford to replace.

Market Watch considers where to retire to a bike and beer friendly city, if you can’t afford to live in my hometown.

Now you, too, can ride with actor Patrick Dempsey’s Dempsey Challenge. Virtually, anyway.

The person behind the wheel in the self-driving Uber car crash that killed 49-year-old bike rider Elaine Herzberg in Tempe AZ last year has been charged with negligent homicide for watching The Voice on her phone when she should have been watching traffic.

Streetsblog says South Dakota AG Jason Ravnsborg will probably get away with the hit-and-run death of a bike rider.

Where to ride your bike to see spectacular fall colors in the Chicago area in the Age of Covid-19.

Build leg strength and lung capacity like a Chicago bike messenger.

Great idea. A Marquette, Michigan project titled Words to Live and Bike By is enlisting local artists to paint murals along a bike path, each revolving around a single word, like hope, dream, respect, gratitude and remember.

They get it. As the nation literally burns, a Cleveland website suggests commuting with something other that a single occupancy vehicle once in awhile.

A Lancaster NY driver faces multiple felony charges for the drunken hit-and-run crash that killed one teenage boy and seriously injured another as they were riding their bikes last month.

North Carolina is launching their Watch for Me NC campaign urging drivers to make space for bike riders and pedestrians.



How to figure out what size bike you really need.

CNN considers how cargo bikes went from novelty to practicality, calling them the Swiss Army knife of bicycles

Cycling News looks at the best ebikes for under a grand or so, along with their picks for the best bike mirrors.

British Columbia’s Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island is building a $51 million, 25 mile bike path along the coast connecting two surfing towns.

You’ve got to be kidding. A British delivery driver removed his license plate in order to get away with driving on the UK equivalent of a Slow Street.

Life is cheap in Ireland, where a careless driver walks without a single day behind bars for killing a bike rider.

Outside rides along with Italian two-wheeled heartthrob, stunt cyclist and bicycle vigilante Vittorio Brumotti.

Seoul, South Korea proves it can be done, opening a new bicycle-only road next year as part of a planned 750-mile bicycle road network, along with a 14-mile network of bicycle highways completely separated from motor vehicles.


Competitive Cycling

The Tour de France is entering the final week, in one of the closest races in recent memory.

No need to worry about spoilers here, as Marianne Vox sprints to victory in Tuesday’s stage 5 of the women’s Giro Rosa. Since no one caries women’s cycling anyway.

Mountain Bike Hall of Famer Tinker Juarez shares his secret for beating cyclists half his age.



Nothing like setting a new hour record for riding a wheelie long distance.  The Mounties always get their man. Or bike, anyway.

And who doesn’t need a tire sealant that is literally bulletproof?


Be safe, and stay healthy. And wear a mask, already. 

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