Free bikeshare on Election Day, traffic violence scares kid off bikes, and Mexico adds safe mobility to constitution

It’s a light news day as today’s election apparently sucked up all the attention of the news media, so let’s get right to it. 

And if you haven’t already, get out and Bike the Vote!

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Several SoCal transit agencies are offering free rides to the polls for today’s Election Day, as well as free Metro Bike bikeshare and free Bird, Motivate, Spin and Lime dockless scooter rides.

Just what every man wants. A shiny new bicycle from Venice Beach bikemaker Solé.



Streetsblog San Francisco announces the winners of the Bay Area Streetsie Awards.

Oakland is planning to extend a short, quarter-mile curb-protected cycle track that may be the best bike infrastructure in the Bay Area, while local advocates say it can’t happen soon enough.



A new study concludes that most people killed while riding a bike are middle-aged men because fears of traffic violence keep most kids and younger people from riding.

Kim Kardashian is one of us; so is her sister Kourtney. The question is, do we really care?

The new Bachelorette is one of us, too.

A Minnesota man says he’ll miss the moments of clarity and poignancy he’s had riding his bike around town, after buying a trainer to ride indoors this winter. And sees that as a metaphor for our country, where we’ve all been riding in one place without going anywhere.

This is the cost of traffic violence. A 20-year old Indiana man who walked and rode his bike everywhere was the victim of a hit-and-run driver as he rode his bike home from his job at a sandwich shop, despite the efforts of a passing doctor and at least one nurse to save his life.

Security cam video shows New York police investigators wrongly blamed a bike-riding Queens teenager for his own death, rather than the truck driver who ran him down, according to an attorney representing the boy’s family.

New Orleans-area police are looking for a pair of hit-and-run drivers who killed two people riding bikes just one day apart.

A Florida TV station examines the risks facing bike riders in St. Augustine after a woman was killed riding on the coast highway, where the state DOT recently canceled plans for a bike lane.



In a groundbreaking move, Mexico has adopted a constitutional amendment guaranteeing safe mobility as a basic human right.

Bike Radar considers what you should look for in a bike for winter riding. Because apparently, you have to leave your summer bike at home alone with your white shoes after Labor Day.

Good idea. A Brit homeowner bought a fake speed camera on eBay in a successful effort to get local drivers to slow down — until an angry motorist stole it.

A British man vowed to move away from the town he’d just moved to after he was beaten and robbed of his bike by several men, who claimed the bike belonged to them.

It takes a real schmuck to steal a bicycle from a mountain-biking amputee while she was visiting a hospital in the UK. Which is not to suggest that it would have been okay anywhere else.

A British letter writer says children should be required to wear hi-viz to keep them safe from drivers to and from school.

Four streets in central Dublin will be made car-free following a successful trial over the summer.

A pair of Dutch designs promise to let you control your smartphone from your handlebars without losing control of your bike.

Horrifying story from China, where a man allegedly beat his wife to death in broad daylight as bystanders looked on, following an argument that began when he crashed the ebike they were riding into a pedestrian.


Competitive Cycling

Diversity-based L39ION of Los Angeles — read Legion — is forming a UCI Continental cycling team for next year, as well as hiring their first two women’s cyclists for a new co-ed Domestic Elite team.

Cycling Weekly offers six things to look for as the Vuelta enters its third and final week, along with six things to know about the newly announced route for next year’s Tour de France.



Nothing like getting right hooked with a school bus. Forget the earbuds, just grab your helmet.

And you know mountain bikes are popular when they design a new Jeep just to get you there.


Be safe, and stay healthy. And wear a mask, already. 

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