Ebike rider killed in solo crash in Fontana, 10th SoCal bike rider killed just this month

Yet another bike rider has been killed, this time in Fontana.

And just three miles away and two days after another man was killed in Rancho Cucamonga on Sunday.

But at least this time, there wasn’t a driver involved.

The Fontana Herald News reports a man riding an ebike was killed in a solo crash when he hit a raised curb Sunday evening.

The crash apparently occurred on Foothill Boulevard, near where it passes underneath the Pacific Electric Trail, around 7:52 pm Sunday.

According to the Fontana police, the victim was found lying unconscious in the center lane of eastbound Foothill, with no pulse and suffering from serious head trauma.

He was revived and taken to the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, where he died several hours later.

He has not been publicly identified yet.

A witness reports he hit the curb, then was thrown into the south wall of the Pacific Electric Trail bridge.

There’s no word on whether he was wearing a helmet, which might have made a difference in this case, depending on the speed of his ebike and the force with which he hit the wall.

This is at least the 61st bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the ninth that I’m aware of in San Bernardo County.

He is also the 10th bike rider killed in Southern California just this month.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for the victim and all his family and loved ones.




  1. Marcy says:

    Please report on whether the Ebike rider killed in solo crash in Fontana had on a helmet.

  2. Christian says:

    @Ted something has to be said about helmets and e-bikes. My Specialized helmet is a glorified styrofoam cup w pretty colored pieces of plastic for decoration $300+ BNIB. Might offer you some protection, with the speeds e-bikes(25-35mph) are now; I read(ER docs/safety experts) that it would be more appropriate to wear motorcycle helmets. I know your next question… well elite cyclists can get up to 25-35mph. Can elite cyclists get a 40-50 lbs beach cruiser w loaded panniers to 25-35mph? 1) The amount force and momentum is so much higher. 2) Also mentioned he was riding on Pacific Electric Trail. What are the laws regard e-bikes on trails? I’ve ridden w e-bikes on SART, they and their riders are not safe.

    • bikinginla says:

      You’re right about helmets. Under California law, any ebike that can travel above 28 mph requires a motorcycle helmet; if it can exceed 30 mph, it’s considered a motor-driven cycle, and requires a motorcycle license, as well.

      As for using an ebike on trails, ped-assist bikes that can travel up to 28 mph are allowed on most bike paths; faster or throttle-driven ebikes aren’t.

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