Bike lanes as parking lots, BikeLA hosts Florence Firestone Community Ride, and riding a bike with a sofa on your head

The good news is, there’s not much bad news today. 

After a week’s worth of news about crashes and fallen bicyclists, today offers a welcome and much needed emotional respite. 

So kick back with a steaming cuppa coffee or a nice cold drink.

And enjoy some happier bike news heading into the weekend. 


That feeling when your new protected bike lane becomes a parking lane.

Speaking of which, the new La Brea bus and bike lanes apparently make great idling spots.


BikeLA is hosting a community bike ride in the Florence Firestone neighborhood this Sunday, as part of the Department of Public Health Vision Zero project.


A New York man rides a bike with a sofa balanced on his head.


And yes, he looks to be the same guy who recently rode a bikeshare bike with a flatscreen TV on his head.


Pro mountain biker Alex Rudeau demonstrates what you can do with an e-mountain bike.

Okay, maybe not you. Or me, for that matter.

Especially not me.


Anyone old enough to learn the ins and outs of physical intimacy from The Joy of Sex may wish this one had been approved.


The war on cars may be a myth, but the war on bikes just keeps on going.

A Portland cop, apparently ignorant on bike law, admonished a woman riding with her kids for taking the lane, telling her to ride to the right by weaving around parked cars. Just to be clear, you are far safer riding in a straight line in the traffic lane, than weaving around parked cars to ride next to the curb. And any cop who doesn’t know that needs retraining.

A New Orleans area letter writer says he’s all for protecting bike riders, but a three-block protected bike lane doesn’t seem worth the effort.

It doesn’t help matters when traffic lights on a British protected bike lane are permanently stuck on red.

But sometimes, it’s the people on two wheels behaving badly.

Seriously, don’t leave your bike lying directly in front of the train car doors.

Your periodic reminder that people on bicycles have the same responsibility to stop after a collision that anyone in a motor vehicle does.



The Los Angeles Times recommends riding on the “breezy” seven-mile Elysian Valley Bicycle & Pedestrian Path to find a safe haven away from cars. Which is just a fancy name for the LA River bike path through the Glendale Narrows.



San Francisco’s controversial new Valencia Street centerline protected bike lane officially opened on Tuesday, even if it isn’t completely complete.



Bicycling offers advice on how to stay safe riding your bike in bad weather. More than once I’ve found myself riding out a thunderstorm or the occasional tornado lying in a wet ditch. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t appear to be available anywhere else, so you’re on your own if the magazine blocks you.

A new study says sixty percent of bike riders would move to a new city if they were offered a new ebike. Although if that were true, we’d all live in Denver by now. Or maybe Arkansas

Bicycle Colorado is offering a free, 75-minute interactive course for motorists to improve their ability to drive safely around pedestrians and bicyclists. Now we just need that to spread to the other 49 states, and get insurance companies to offer incentives for taking it.

A new report from the Michigan State Police says someone is most likely to be killed riding a bike in the evening or on Friday, as bicycling fatalities rise 63% in the state.

Former NFL QB Alex Smith plans to take part in a 200-mile bike ride across Massachusetts to raise money for cancer research, just a year after his young daughter was diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor.

J-Lo’s daughter Emme is one of us, as she joined her mom and stepdad Ben Affleck for a family bike ride in the Hamptons.

Good advice. A Long Island community group responded to a collision that seriously injured a bike rider with a radio PSA urging everyone to “Take a deep breath, slow down, and don’t be distracted.”

Yes, please. A New York proposal would require the city to create a searchable, real-time bike lane map showing up-to-the-minute obstructions and closures.

President Biden ignored Thursday’s drama with his predecessor in DC, and drew a crowd on another Delaware bike ride. Although apparently, only presidents are allowed to wear bike helmets.



Rouleur looks at the physiological benefits of bicycling, regardless of your ability level.

Cycling Weekly considers whether SRAM’s patent for voice-operated shifting solves an invented problem, or breaks down barriers to bicycling. I can’t wait for the day you tell your bike to downshift, and it responds “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Even though your name isn’t Dave.

A new rooftop bike rack from a German company does the heavy lifting for you, using a hydraulic lift to effortlessly move your bike up to the roof of your car.

Forget the local Marriott. Now you can stay in a Peter Sagan-owned and themed hotel in his native Slovakia.

Japan plans to approve traffic fines for bike riders who run red lights; bike riders currently either receive a warning, or an indictment that can lead to criminal prosecution.


Competitive Cycling

Velo looks forward to the sprawling, 13-event “Super Worlds,” as the all-discipline cycling world championships gets underway.

America’s Chloe Dygert overcame three years lost to major injuries and other travails to win gold in the individual pursuit at the world championships; she’s just one of the 150 Americans across all age groups and disciplines competing at the worlds.

Belgium is a heavy favorite to win the men’s cycling championship if Wout van Aert, Jasper Philipsen, and defending champion Remco Evenepoel can’t keep their egos in check and work together.



How can we expect drivers to avoid people walking and riding bikes when they can’t even avoid apartment buildings? Who needs a bottle opener when you have a passing mountain bike?

And even a Maserati enjoys a good bike.


Be safe, and stay healthy. And get vaccinated, already.

Oh, and fuck Putin

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