Update: Man riding bicycle killed in early morning rear-end collision near CSU Long Beach; 6th LA County bike death this year

Friday was a bad day for Southern California bike riders — starting with a deadly pre-dawn wreck in Long Beach.

According to My News LA, the victim was riding east on 7th Street at Bellflower Blvd around 5:05 am, when he was run down from behind by a driver traveling in the same direction.

The victim, who has not been publicly identified, died at the scene before paramedics arrived.

The driver stopped after the crash. Police don’t believe that speeding, distracted driving, or driving under the influence were factors in the crash.

There’s no word on whether the victim had lights on his bike in the pre-dawn hour, or why the driver was apparently unable to see him riding directly in front of their vehicle.

It’s unclear exactly where the crash occurred, however, as Patch Long Beach places the location four-tenths of a mile away, at 7th Street and Campus Drive across from CSU Long Beach.

According to reports, the victim was riding in the right traffic lane when he struck by the driver, who also has not been publicly identified.

However, there is a bike lane on 7th, which the victim would likely have been riding in unless it was blocked, or he was moving across the roadway to make a turn.

Since his body was found on the sidewalk, it seems more likely that the driver drifted into the bike lane, knocking him to the right, than the other way around.

Anyone with information is urged to call Long Beach Police Detective Joseph Johnson at 562/570-7355, or Crime Stoppers at 800/222-TIPS.

This is at least the 23rd bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the sixth that I’m aware of in Los Angeles County.

Update: The victim has been identified as 42-year old Keith Moore, no city of residence given.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for Keith Moore and all his loved ones.


  1. steve says:

    Speculation: Since his body was found on the sidewalk, it seems more likely that the driver drifted into the bike lane, knocking him to the right, than the other way around.

    Ill speculate that at 5 am on a fri morning with no lights this is a homeless person making erratic moves as they tend to do. Its also a high homeless area. I have seen homeless do completely crazy stuff on bikes, scooters or while walking. the ones I have seen have zero concern for cars

  2. Cleave Law says:

    There is no bike lane on the eastbound lanes of 7th Street, east of Bellflower Blvd. What you see on Google Maps is a bus parking lane and why there are no buses there in the photo puzzles me. The fact that there is no bike lane on 7th Street is bad, but in my 45 years riding hundreds of thousands of miles in the area, I have NEVER ridden on that stretch of 7th Street (between Bellflower and Studebaker). BTW, there is a 2-way, separated MUP on the north side of 7th Street and there is a new-ish bike lane on the north side of 7th Street (westbound) between Campus and Bellflower.

    I have seen people very occasionally riding on that section of road and I always shudder when I see it, because it is just not a good place to be on a bike. Again, it should be safe to ride where the collision occurred, but it isn’t.

    The speed limit on that section of 7th Street is 40 MPH. The LBPost article that I saw said that the cyclist was near Margo which is on a somewhat blind corner. Even if the driver was at the speed limit, a slow moving cyclist in the traffic lane would appear quickly in the best of visibility.

    I am the last person to defend a driver who hit a cyclist and I am not trying to blame the deceased. It was just not a good situation for anyone involved. RIP to the deceased and condolences to his family.

  3. Arthur W Bauer says:

    If the sidewalk is rideable, then that is where I am.

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