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Piru cyclist killed in Sunday rear-end collision

The Ventura County Star reports that a 41-year old bike rider was killed in a rear-end collision on Sunday.

According to the report, the rider, who has not been publicly identified, was headed east on East Telegraph Road near Howe Road¬†around 6:35 pm when he was struck from behind by a pickup. A photo view of the area shows a wide shoulder, suggesting that the driver either drifted off the roadway or hit the rider while making a right onto Howe; it’s also possible that the rider may have left the shoulder for some reason, such as to avoid broken glass or a pothole.

A cryptic CHP dispatch report shows a fatal vehicle versus pedestrian collision at that time and location; for reasons that will forever escape me, the CHP often refers to cyclists as pedestrians in their reports.

The paper cites the CHP as saying the victim was not using all or some of the lights required by law after dark, nor was he wearing a helmet. However, whether a helmet would have offered any benefit at what was undoubtedly highway speeds is a matter of conjecture.

This is just the fourth cyclist killed in Southern California this year, excluding shooting victims, and the first in Ventura County. That compares to nine SoCal cyclists killed this time last year, and three victims in Ventura County in all of 2012.

My deepest condolences and prayers for the victim and his family.

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