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17-year old bike rider Ernesto Manzano Jr. killed riding against traffic in Monterey Park

Yet another tragic reminder to never ride against traffic.

According the Pasadena Star News, 17-year old Los Angeles resident Ernesto Manzano Jr. was riding downhill on the wrong side of the road when he was hit dead-on by a driver headed in the opposite direction around 6:40 Friday evening.

Sadly Manzano died at the scene.

Authorities place the collision near the intersection of Crest Vista Drive and Windover Way in Monterey Park.

They don’t say what street the crash was on; however, the driver was headed north, which suggests they both were on Cresta Vista.

The driver remained at the scene; police don’t believe drug or alcohol played a factor in the crash.

Unfortunately, riding salmon probably did.

Wrong way riding may seem safer, since it allows you to see oncoming traffic. However, it greatly increases the risk of a collision, because drivers don’t expect to see you coming towards them, while dramatically reducing reaction times.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Monterey Park Police Department watch commander at 626/307-1200.

This is at least the 28th bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the fifth that I’m aware of in Los Angeles County.

It also appears to be the first LA County bicycling death in two months.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for Ernesto Manzano Jr. and all his loved ones. 

Possibly stolen bike recovered by Monterey Park police

Just received an email from an officer with the Monterey Park Police Department about a suspected stolen bike.

According to the officer, they have recovered a Kestel Talon, roughly 50 cm, with a full Dura-Ace Gruppo. They have reason to suspect it was stolen, but the serial number doesn’t show up in any database of stolen bikes, which suggests that the theft may not have been reported by the owner.

Contact me if you know the owner; you can find my email address on the About page. Or contact the Monterey Park police directly through their Craigslist ad for the bike.

They’d really like to return the bike to its rightful owner. And put the person they believe stole it behind bars for awhile.