Have the police responded when you’ve reported a crime?

Just a quick question this morning.

Lately I’ve heard 2nd and 3rd-hand reports from cyclists complaining that police officers may have failed to respond appropriately to various incidents involving cyclists, ranging from road rage to reports of stolen bikes. Not a lot complaints, but enough to raise the question of how seriously they may be taking bike-related crimes.

If you’ve had a recent incident in which you tried to file a report with the LAPD or another local police department and they didn’t respond in what you felt was an appropriate manner, let me know.¬†Or if you received a good response, let me know that, as well.

You can respond by leaving a comment here, or email me directly at bikinginla at hotmail dot com.

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  1. ubrayj02 says:

    I got mugged while riding my bike, called to ask for a patrol car at 2 a.m. (a few minutes after I’d been robbed). I waited outside for a while in the cold, with that post-robbery jittery feeling until I called it quits.

    They showed up at 3 or 3:30 a.m. (message on my cell phone – which had turned itself off due to a low battery).

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