Breaking news — Rosendahl calls for extending the Marvin Braude bikeway

Is Bill Rosendahl the biking community’s new BFF?

The 11th District City Council member, who represents most of the Westside, recently sponsored a motion to have the City Attorney’s office draft an ordinance banning harassment of cyclists in Los Angeles — a motion that goes before the full city council on Wednesday.

Now Rosendahl has proposed another motion — apparently seconded CD5 Council Member Paul Koretz — to request federal funding to extend the north end of the beachfront Marvin Braude Bike Path. The extension would add a little less than two miles to the bikeway, from where it currently ends at Temescal Canyon Road to the intersection of Coastline Drive and PCH near the entrance to the Getty Villa.

Aside from adding to one of the area’s most popular and scenic bike routes, this extension could also contribute to the safety of cyclists by providing a way to bypass one of the narrower sections of PCH, where riders are forced to share a lane with drivers often traveling well in excess of 50 mph. And open up the coast highway to countless cyclists who aren’t comfortable taking the lane under those conditions, and now turn back at that point.

Now if Rosendahl could just do something about all the pedestrians on the bike path.


  1. GTinLA says:

    It is good news that we now have seemingly an ally in the City Counsel. I am questioning the wisdom of spending resources on extending a bike path which is everything but a bike path. My view point is probably not popular, but I feel safer riding on PCH than riding on the path; dodging kids, dogs, cats, roller bladers, runners and tourists. Just my 2 cents. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

    • bikinginla says:

      Can’t argue with you on that one. At least they’d be extending the north end, far from Venice and the pier, where there actually is room to ride most days. But you’re right, despite a lot of promises, large portions of this path remain among the least ridable in the city.

  2. TheTricksterNZ says:

    GT, obviously its a worldwide problem as we have the same issue down here, however so long as there isn’t a law forcing you to use it then fair enough.

    I look at facilities like that as quite helpful for getting kids and families on bikes – just they’re highly useless for those of us who can sit at 20mph.

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