Wednesday links — more CicLAvia, memorial ride for Daniel Marin and a lot of bike news

I’ve got too many links for just one post. So click away, and come back later today for my take on Saturday’s auto-centric column by the Times’ Sandy Banks.


More great videos from CicLAvia, including the first L.A. Streetfilm paid for by user donations, as well as EzraHome and Los Angeles Cycle Chic, and photo sets from L.A. Cycle Chic and the Koreatown Youth and Community Center. Chimatli catches a little rocker in one of those perfect vignettes that defined the day. Or spend a few hours catching up with the 101 and counting CicLAvia videos currently on YouTube. Mark Elliott writes why CicLAvia matters, while a writer in the Times says he enjoyed CicLAvia, but would rather have more bike paths, instead. The CSUN Daily Sundial says it was a lot of pros, with a few minor cons mixed in.

And while we’re at it, here’s Mayor Villaraigosa’s somewhat underwhelming bike safety video to go along with the Give Me 3 campaign created by the LACBC and Midnight Ridazz.

Note: Initially, I mistakenly called the mayor’s Give Me 3 campaign; while he was involved in the approval and unveiling, he was not involved in the creation of the poster campaign.


There will be a memorial ride this Friday in honor of Daniel Marin, the 17-year old cyclist killed on Laurel Canyon Blvd on October 1st; link courtesy of Claremont Cyclist.


lawsuit has been filed in the case of four cyclists injured on PCH when Caltrans allegedly left unmarked hazards and debris on the shoulder for an entire weekend, despite warnings. After last week’s rain induced washout, Santa Monica students celebrate Bike It! Walk It! Day today. LADOT Bike Blog interviews the team behind the new SCAG Bike/Ped Wiki. Bikeside unveils the details behind the Life Before License campaign. L.A. County is about to have a new bike riding health services director. CNN offers a view of what L.A. could look like in the near future.

Long Beach makes Bicycling’s list of five up and coming bike cities. Clint Worthington, formerUltraMarathon record holder for biking from San Diego to Seattle in 4 days, 18 hours and 29 minutes, ison the ballot for city council in San Juan Capistrano. Thirty-one cyclists ride from Mammoth Lakes to Big Bear to raise funds for the U.S. Adaptive Recreation Center; sounds like a worthy cause to me. Cyclistsneed taming in Santa Cruz; to be honest, I ignore most “walk your bike” signs, too. The San Francisco cyclist killed by a Muni bus is remembered by his aunt. A Modesto college student recognizes her stolen bike, follows the rider and gets it back.

Attention male cyclists — just because a woman looks a lot better on a bike than you do does not mean she has any less knowledge or skills, capice? A new Portland store opens with more parking spaces for bikes than cars. Just days after getting fired, the former head of the 13,000 Cascade Bicycle Club willreturn for the next 6 months while they find a replacement; hey, I’m available. Then again, Maine’s Bicycle Coalition is looking for a new Executive Director, too. Colorado’s high school mountain bike racing league is taking off. An 89 year old Boulder CO man is injured in a collision with another cyclist. After sharrows are installed, Austin TX cyclists enjoy a 5.5 foot cushion from parked cars, compared to one foot before. Baton Rouge extends a bikeway on the Mississippi River levee, with plans to eventually extend it all the way to New Orleans; that was just a pipe dream for cyclists when I lived down there. A Philadelphia area woman is killed after being shot seven times while riding her bike. A memorial ridewill be held Sunday for Roger Grooters, the former USC athletic staffer killed last week on a cross country ride. A Tampa man hits a stranger eight times with his bike; no word on what caused the altercation.

A new ghost bike for a Canadian First Nation rider who died doing what he loved. Toronto cyclists and drivers don’t know what to make of the city’s new bike boxes, while the local branch of the Department of DIY installs bi-directional sharrows. Peugeot eyes a comeback to the world of biking. The UK’s Carbon Trust wants to get other people to reduce their carbon footprint, but won’t let their own employees ride bikes. Note to L.A. officials — London’s new bike share program is the city’s only transport system on its way to turning a profit. Australian cyclist Stephen Hines has been banned for two years for using clenbuterol, the same drug three-time Tour de France winner says he got by eating tainted meat. UsingPortland as a model for Melbourne, where cyclists will be able to get their next helmet from a vending machine — for just $5.

Finally, if you find yourself riding your bike past Paris Hilton’s house, don’t knock on the door.


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