San Diego man killed in motorized bike collision; you’re invited to ride with the EPA on Tuesday

Fifty-seven year old Gary Galvin died a week after suffering severe injuries while riding his motorized bike in Oceanside. The San Diego resident somehow hit a tree on January 17th for unknown reasons; he passed away on Saturday due to blunt-force head injuries, despite wearing a helmet.


Services will be held tomorrow for a Ramona man killed in a SWSS* last Friday when his bike allegedly strayed across the yellow line and struck a flatbed truck.

According to the CHP, thirty-seven year old Steven “Steve” Garner may have been under the influence at the time of the collision. If the driver’s version is true — and he appears to be the only surviving witness — Garner was weaving as he rode, and somehow hit the truck’s trailer.

However, it would seem that a cyclist would have to be extraordinarily drunk to not notice or be able to avoid a large truck on the other side of the road. And how a bike could strike a truck with enough force to be thrown 65 feet through the air would seem to defy explanation.

*Single Witness Suicide Swerve


A nice obituary in the Ridgecrest Daily Independent about Allyn R. Berryman, a WWII vet who lived an interesting life, from consulting with Jacques Cousteau to cycling from Fairbanks to Mexico City.

Just a reminder not to judge people by what they appear to be at the end of their lives; the elderly men and women you meet may have lived a life that would put yours — and mine — to shame. Never hurts to say hello and find out.


The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition invites you to ride with the EPA on Tuesday the 1st, and announces the date for this year’s River Ride on June 5th, so mark your calendar. Or better yet, just click the link and register now.

And the Coalition is asking for your input on questions to ask the candidates in this year’s March 8th City Council elections.


The Venice Neighborhood Council votes to support extending the beachfront Marvin Braude Bike Path to the marina inlet jetty, from where it currently stops at Washington Blvd. C.I.C.L.E. is hosting an Urban Expedition Ride around the Sepulveda Dam Basin and Lake Balboa, with a free pre-ride maintenance workshop by the Valley Bikery; thanks to KPCC’s Siel Ju for the heads-up. Santa Monica’s Cynergy Cycles invites you to explore the latest offerings from leading European manufacturers on Feb. 17th. LADOT continues to stripe bike lanes on Rinaldi and Reseda in the Valley. Flying Pigeon offers a short but delicious list of bike friendly businesses. Volunteers help beautify a neglected bike path in Arleta. How do you say hipster in Español? Los Fixis Bicicletas seems to come pretty close. Four years in jail for the Sacramento woman who dragged a cyclist under her car for a quarter-mile in a drunken hit and run; you may remember the story of a witness running up and grabbing her keys to stop her. Bay Area cyclists look for love on two wheels.

The history of women in cycling. Great series of photos showing stars from Hollywood’s golden age riding bikes. Bike lawyer Bob Mionske offers advice on where and how to pass while on a bike, although the accompanying graphic seems to be missing; my rule of thumb is to give everyone — cyclists, pedestrians and motorists — the same three feet passing distance I expectt. A Denver bike cop is hit by a driver who claims he just didn’t see him; for once, that excuse probably won’t work. The Springfield Cyclist gets a compliment on his bike one night, and nearly run over the next day. Boston goes from worst to one of the country’s best biking cities in just three years. A DC area cyclist is ticketed for speeding, doing 31 in a 25 mph zone. Attention Twitterati — #bikeschool takes place tonight from 6 to 7.

Alberto Contador will be the latest to be stripped of his Tour de France title for after being banned for one year for doping, although he won’t be fined; new winner Andy Schleck says he doesn’t want it. A new social networking campaign says it’s not a race, give cyclists space. Maybe it’s time for a mandatory helmet law for motorists.

Finally, Contador is just the latest, as doping dates back at least 2800 years. Upon further testing of the B-sample, Pheidippides has been disqualified in the first Marathon, and victory awarded to the Persians.


  1. I think you forgot to footnote SWSS. Single Witness …. something something?

    • bikinginla says:

      That’s what I get for posting without proofing so I can get out on my bike. SWSS = Single Witness Suicide Swerve

  2. Joe B says:

    I’m not sure I understand the proposal to extend the Braude beach path. The proposal is that it would continue along the beach to Via Marina, then make a right on Via Marina, right on Admiralty, and then reconnect with the class 1 bike path where it hits Admiralty?

    So instead of riding 1 mile on the Washington Bl. class 2 lane, I would instead ride ~1.5mi on the class 1 beach path, followed by another ~2.5mi on Via Marina/Admiralty which have no cyclist infrastructure?

    If the point is to merely provide a class 1 spur route for recreational riders, well, rock on. But as a through route, the proposed extension is kinda useless.

    • bikinginla says:

      Hopefully, once the path is extended, the county will consider adding lanes and/or sharrows around the marina — or if you really want to dream, a bike/ped bridge over the inlet.

      But for the time being, it would merely extend the existing path another mile or so to the inlet.

  3. Eric B says:

    I had a teammate get a speeding ticket for practicing sprints on Culver Boulevard. He was going 37 in a 35. He plans on framing the ticket.

  4. Opus the Poet says:

    On the SWSS wreck, I noticed they didn’t do a post-mortem BAC%, or if they did they didn’t release the results. All they did was repeat the innuendo from the driver that killed him.

  5. MBer says:

    I have a 66cc 2stroke slant engine chain drive on meh mountain bike!

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