Universal says no to bikes, Bob Mionske points the finger, Mark Elliot intelligently refutes John Cassidy

City Watch looks at Universal’s refusal to allow an extension of the L.A. River Bike Path and river revitalization efforts through Universal City.

As far as I’m concerned, until that changes, their plans for expansion should be dead in the water.

In fact, until they become friendlier to bikes and their riders — on and off their property — they shouldn’t get the time of day from the city of L.A. And every cyclist in L.A. should oppose their plans.


Bob Mionske says the official explanation for the NYPD’s over-the-top vendetta against cyclists pegs the BS meter, and points the finger squarely at NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly.

Meanwhile, New York streets may be safer than ever, but the battle rages on. The Century Road Club Association offers a form letter to fight back against New York police targeting Central Park cyclists.

And Mark Elliot of Better Bike Beverly Hills offers a very intelligent, highly detailed refutation of anti-bike New Yorker columnist John Cassidy; it’s a long read, but definitely worth the time.


In the third part of her excellent bikenomics series, Elly Blue says that investing in bicycle infrastructure leads directly to increased physical activity, which leads to lower healthcare costs and reduced mortality. And the more people who are riding, the safer everyone becomes.


The L.A. Business Journal says if you drive, bike or motorcycle on the streets of L.A., you probably have broken teeth or a swollen tongue from all the potholes on the street, noting that just 3% of city streets are in good condition. Why does L.A. make it so hard just to park your bike and spend a little money? A Santa Monica writer say drivers aren’t as courteous and alert as they should be, so give cyclists a little extra room. The Long Beach Post looks at the funeral and memorial services for bike advocate Mark Bixby, who “lived an extraordinary life.” KABC-7 offers advice on getting back on your bike; although I’d think advising riders to use lights after dark would be more effective than recommending reflective tape. A really crappy press release announces events around the Dana Point Grand Prix of Cycling on May 1st. A new bridge will close a gap in a popular bike path around San Diego’s Mission Bay. The Soldier Ride helps give a wounded vet hope. In typical fashion, San Mateo County releases a bike plan full of gaps and disconnected bikeways.

A team of HIV-positive riders will compete in this year’s Race Across America (RAAM). Former framebuilder Dave Moulton looks at proper leisure riding position, while a bike shop worker says maybe most roadies are riding with the wrong handlebars — or maybe the wrong bike. Steve Vance says cargo bikes are American cycling’s newest sub-subculture. Bicycling asks how you would vote on the charges alleged against Lance Armstrong if you were on the jury. Presenting the 10 most popular bike commuting cities; and no, L.A. ain’t on the list. Tucson’s second successful Cyclovia pleases everyone from 6 months to 70. After 80 years, the Empire State Building finally adds a bike storage facility. If you’re visiting New York, you need to know what transit systems you can take your bike on and when. DC’s M-street needs a road diet. Maryland moves to make negligent drivers who kill subject to misdemeanor manslaughter. A new bike safety video from LAB and the NHTSA is a little simplistic, but hits the right notes.

The UK’s Transport Minister finds £836,000 laying around for bike projects. Britain’s traffic jams decrease as gas prices rise and drivers switch to bikes and walking. London Cyclist offers a rave review of the Strida folding bike; yes, you can find one in L.A. A detailed look at the conflict between the desire for Dutch-style infrastructure and what’s actually achievable. Oxfordshire road deaths increase 20% after speed cameras are shut off. Fabian Cancellara looks like the favorite for Sunday’s Tour of Flanders. A recent Aussie study shows that tensions between cyclists and drivers result from impatience, fear and fright, levels of expectations and differing levels of awareness. A South African cyclist gets punched by a Dr. Thompson wannabe. Japan’s 9.0 earthquake shifted transportation paradigms in favor of cycling. Not every woman wants a pink bike.

Finally, a great read from the UK on why cyclists don’t own the road, we just rent it. And the European Union wants gas-powered cars gone from Euro cities by 2050, while the Brits want nothing to do with it; the UK’s Transport Minister says it’s no more likely than rectangular bananas. But before you write it off as just another pipe dream, remember a lot can happen in 39 years; in 1972 we were still listening to 8-tracks, the personal computer hadn’t been invented yet and phones were still wired into walls.


  1. The Trickster says:

    While we definitely have our fair share of psychos here, I believe that was in South Africa rather than NZ 🙂

    • bikinginla says:

      You know, once you cross the equator, all those little countries look alike.

      Sorry my friend, I don’t know how I made that mistake. It even says Cape Town in the first sentence — hell, the first three words. And unless that Christchurch quake was a lot worse than I think, I do believe Cape Town is still in South Africa.

      I’ll fix it right away.

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  3. Todd says:

    I read something a while back (maybe here?) that Universal Studios big concern was the potential security risk a bike path could create. Apparently a big fear is that struggling screenwriters would be riding up and flinging scripts over the fence.

    I wonder if Universal has enough cyclists employees who could be rallied to a raise a big stink and shame their employer into doing the right thing?

    • Nancy says:

      I believe our tax money is going towards this if it is approved, is it not? This is just a big handout to Universal. Improving the river is not. No wonder they don’t want that. I’m utterly disgusted with them at this point. Neighbors should rally against this for sure.

  4. karl says:

    As to when gas powered vehicles can be kept out of cities at least six days a week that depends on when we start the process of evicting them as it’ll takeabout as long as the loans outstanding at that point to get it done. 39 MONTHS to at most 84 NOT YEARS woud be more then enough and not later then mid first half of the second democratic term in ages. If the election had not been stolen we’d be car free by now. If carter had gotten a second term People would only be forgetting about the korean and vietnamesian etc. Wars and not even know Iraq was a counry we’d just think it was some new Apple app.

    It’s not how far in the future- but how long ago in the past that had Mr. Ford etc. not died, the one who knew what he was doing, they’d all have moved on to something better, gotten a life, saved millions from being killled especially in ‘peace’ times.

    Square Banana’s? Walmart had jars on clearance the last two times I was there- I even managed to finish off the raisin and peanut one last night so foolishly no boil is needed to teach me that lesson.

    It’s not aboutthe fuel. It’s about sane infrastructure- about technology stopping censorship about how to get- little has c hanged- censorship is still the biggest not just the true oldest profession. Google censors our faces by default- when by now that should be opt in only- so as to prevent us from a certain smile unmistakable to all that would send us to bike stores in such numbers at least one company would actually roll some out even in America.

    As it stands a major chain gray haired employee noted first they’d never carried assisted bikes then pretended ayear was a long time so he was confident I was wrong aboutthem having stocked a prettypopular with the gals small wheeled foldup. It was featured in women’s magazines and when one devotes a cover to the best way to enjoy sex being to bike beforehand Dahon won’t be able to abuse the market alone any longer- so expect it to happen next year- especially becausewe here are stupid enough to buy there used cars in asmany numbers as there willing to bless us for paying the dock fees to get them off the continent for.

  5. karl says:

    the elliot link isn’t working for me i hitnk he got his own server since then and didn’t plan ahead ot prevent this from happening? It’s not just that it’s too long- it’s not yet found to cast any spell.
    “https://sites.google.com/site/betterbikebh/spare-parts/moreonbikelanes results in:


    Site not found

    We’re sorry, we were unable to locate the site /betterbikebh/spare-parts/moreonbikelanes”

    re: (your recently referenced to here!) “very intelligent, highly detailed refutation” hyperlink above…….

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