Fallen Murrietta cyclist identified, and a whole lot of mostly very non-scary post-Halloween links

The cyclist who died on a bike trail near Murrietta Sunday morning has been identified a 60-year old Lee Andrew Tichenor of Temecula; the investigation is ongoing.


I love this quote from Lovely Bicycle!:

“Coming back from Las Vegas a month ago, cycling in Boston seemed like paradise. Coming back from Vienna, it seems like a war zone.”


Streetsblog hosts their next upscale fundraiser on Saturday, and applications are due to their Boyle Heights and South L.A. correspondents. Re-imagining Santa Monica’s Lincoln Blvd as a more livable street, instead of the living hell of a Class III bike route it is now. Cynergy Cycling invites you to get certified for track riding. Long Beach’s biking expats discuss how to stay married on the road. The next edition of Flying Pigeon’s popular Brewery Rides rolls on Saturday. A candidate for the CD 15 city council seat calls for a CicLAvia from Downtown to San Pedro; another promises to build out the Backbone Bikeway Network in the district.

Former San Diego Bicycle Coordinator Jim Lundquist bids a fond farewell. A Red Bluff rider survives a left cross that sent him bouncing 20 feet off a windshield. UC Davis students are the latest to get bike traffic school. A San Francisco cyclist suffers life-threatening injuries when a cab runs a red light. Three Palo Alto cyclists are injured, none seriously, when they’re hit by a car; reading between the lines, it sounds like either the cyclists or the driver was on the wrong side of the road, and we can probably guess which one.

People for Bikes questions why Congress is targeting bike fundingthey’re not the only ones. Fat Cyclist offers a self-published best of. A bike means freedom on Chicago’s South Side; no different from L.A.’s Eastside or South L.A., or countless other places around this city of frequently fallen angels. A tongue-in-cheek response to a call from a Chicago alderman to license cyclists asks why not license feet, too. Safety concerns keep more Pittsburgh cyclists from becoming bike commuters. David Byrne and Janette Sadik-Khan discuss why New Yorkers insist on fighting over bike lanes. A Florida cyclist killed last April may have been the victim of an intentional buzzing.

Women riders need more awareness, not scaremongering. Clearly, cycle chic is nothing new. A UK cyclist was three times the legal limit when he was killed after blowing through a yield sign. British bike fatalities and serious injuries are on the rise. London’s Mayor Boris continues to put the convenience of motorists over the safety of cyclists and pedestrians. Britain’s approach to road safety is called deeply flawed; the widow of the first biking victim on the mayor’s biking superhighways fears he will just be another statistic. Welsh authorities offer a code of conduct for a popular shared trail. A Swedish study shows bike commuters sleep better, are less stressed, are healthier, suffer less exhaustion and use fewer sick days than drivers; question is, does cycling make you healthier or do healthier people choose to bike?  In one of the most disgusting legal arguments I’ve heard, an Aussie lawyer argues that his client had an obligation to watch the traffic ahead, rather than watch out for the cyclist he passed — and killed — in their equivalent of a right hook; if you ever wondered why people hate lawyers, this is a damn good place to start.

Finally, I’ve run over a lot of crap over the years — sometimes literally. But nothing quite as disgusting as greasy roadkill deer guts.

And best wishes to Zeke’s brother Dave who was scheduled to get back on his bike this week following a bad crash. 


  1. Louie Garcia says:

    CicLAvia from downtown to San Pedro? I already see an inherent problem with that.

    My very first CicLAvia was the one on the 9th. I loved every second of it despite the fact I was aching from already riding the 26 mile Long Beach Marathon pre-race bike tour. Comfortably cruising the streets of my old neighborhood (my parents’ old apartment is part of the route on Rosewood Avenue) and the rest of it was pure bliss.

    Since it was my first CicLAvia, I wanted to see the entire course so I pedaled the entire length of it. My only regret is that I didn’t have enough time to have a real meal (all I had was Starbucks coffee and pastries) or play a round of dodgeball or even a game of oversized chess.

    The issue here for me is time. Is lengthening the duration of CicLAvia possible? How about increasing its frequency? Should I take it up with ciclavia.org or go straight to the mayor’s office?

    I find the idea of biking all the way down to San Pedro (and visiting the Korean Friendship Bell) incredibly appealing.

  2. Biker395 says:

    Lol … I’m going to have to remember that one about licensing shoes. 🙂

  3. Typo in your sentence about the Swedish bike commute study (read it carefully and you’ll see it…)

  4. David says:

    Thanks Ted! I did get back on the bike this weekend. It was nice after about 6 weeks off.

    Bro Dave