Catching up: More on last week’s fatal hit-and-run, a bike-in movie and a Malibu meeting on PCH

Just a few quick notes as I try to catch up on life this week.

After checking with sources with the LAPD, there’s not much more information on last Friday’s fatal hit-and-run that took the life of a cyclist on Nordhoff Street. The victim, who has not been named publicly, is identified only as a 76-year old male Northridge resident.

However, they have released a updated description of the suspect vehicle. If you see the car or have any information, please contact the police immediately at the number below.

Let’s nail this heartless coward before he — or she — gets away with it.

Update: The LAPD has identified the victim as Paul Albert Helfen; a $50,000 reward is being offered for the arrest and conviction of his killer.


With everything that’s been going on, I haven’t had a chance to update the Events page for a couple of weeks. So forgive me for the last minute notification on a couple of items.

First up, the L.A. Film Fest is inviting cyclists to attend a free bike-in screening of E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial at 8:30 pm tonight at Figand7th in Downtown L.A

30th Anniversary Screening
“Bike-In” Theater with bicycle valet, food truck and prizes

Possibly the greatest scene in one of our favorite films of all time, the image of Elliott and E.T. riding a bike through the sky, silhouetted by a full moon, has delighted generations of movie lovers. Now, celebrate their iconic ride with one of your own, as you pedal your way to our downtown “Bike-In” theater for a special, outdoor screening of the newly remasteredE.T., Steven Spielberg’s timeless classic of a little boy and his best friend from outer space. We can’t guarantee your bike will take flight, but your spirits will surely soar.

  • Ride your bicycle and we’ll valet it for free and give you one screening voucher for the LA Film Festival
  • Swing by the Yelp photo booth
  • DJ Del Rey will spin 80’s tunes
  • Nosh on delicious eats from José O’Malley’s food truck
  • Swing by the Arts Brookfield Info tent for parking validations and prizes

And the City of Malibu is holding a follow-up workshop this Saturday to discuss the PCH Bike Route Improvement Project for the portion of highway west of the city. The meeting will take place at from 10 am to noon at Malibu City Hal, 23825 Stuart Ranch Road.

From what I’ve seen, it looks like they’ve got some exciting ideas. But if you ride PCH — or would like to — you owe it to yourself to attend, because this will affect the road you ride on.

Update: The LAPD has identified the victim as Paul Albert Helfen; a $50,000 reward is being offered for the arrest and conviction of his killer.


The San Francisco cyclist who killed a pedestrian while blowing through an intersection on a yellow light at an alleged 35 mph will face a charge of vehicular manslaughter, based in part on his actions leading up to the collision — something we’ve been told can’t be held against a motorist in similar cases. Meanwhile, an 80-year old DC area woman is killed by another cyclist on a multi-use pathway, just days after an El Cerrito woman was killed under similar circumstances; always, always always give pedestrians the right-of-way, even when they’re in your way. Thanks to Don Blount for the heads-up.

A ghost bike has been installed for Guadalupe Cruz, the 81-year old cyclist killed by a massive tractor-trailer in Fillmore last week. Making it that much more tragic, Cruz was on his way to meet his wife at a mass for their son, who was killed five years earlier. But what makes this even more touching is that I’m told the bike was prepared and placed by Anthony Navarro, whose own six-year old son was killed while riding his bike last Thanksgiving. Now that’s class. Thanks to Danny Gamboa for the news.

The LACBC is starting a Neighborhood Bike Ambassador Program to help support bike projects and programs on the street level. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to do more to make your own neighborhood safer and more inviting to ride, here’s your chance.

Finally, Caltrans is just getting around to owning up to closing the North Fork Coyote Creek bike trail — something you may have read about here nearly a month ago. Nice work getting the word out in a timely manner, guys.

And a maniac Bakersfield driver may still be on the road, despite killing a motorcyclist and receiving three previous speeding tickets already this year — the last one just five days before she ran the rider down from behind.

One comment

  1. Opus the Poet says:

    According to some reports I read the cyclist that killed the 80YO pedestrian was almost off the pavement to the left when he hit her, that he had been repeatedly ringing his bell and shouting “Passing on your left” to get the pedestrian’s attention, and then she jumped to her left and did a half turn like she was watching “Rocky Horror Picture Show” and was run into by the cyclist, fell backwards and hit her head on the pavement. Cyclist was also transported with minor injuries.

    Another pedestrian dies from a head injury, when will they start requiring walking helmets? And before anyone goes off on me, of the last 5 pedestrian fatalities I know about involving bicycles, all 5 were head injuries. Both the SF deaths, the 2009 NYC fatality, the 2010 Dallas fatality, and this one in DC, all died from head injuries. If they had been riding bikes people would be pointing at these and clucking their tongues about wearing helmets.

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