Update: Cyclist critically injured in Topanga Cyn hit-and-run; $1000 reward offered for any hit-and-run

Update: I have deleted this entire post at the request of the victim’s wife.

While I stand behind the original story, with virtually every word I wrote based on information had already been tweeted and retweeted around the world — and which remains readily available from numerous other sources online — I am sympathetic to her situation and will honor her request, as much as I disagree with it.

I will note only that the victim was injured in a hit-and-run collision at or near the intersection of North Topanga Canyon Blvd and Viewridge Road in Topanga Canyon, and was reported to the CHP at 12:13 pm on Saturday. Authorities continue to look for a Land Rover with a missing headlight; no word on color and model year. Anyone with information should contact the West Valley CHP station at 818-888-0980.

Best wishes to the victim for a full and fast recovery.

Update 2: The CHP has identified the victim as 60-year old Gary Morris of Van Nuys; no word on his condition.

Authorities are looking for a 1996 to 2000 Range Rover — not a Land Rover as previously stated — with possible damage to the right front end. Anyone with information should call CHP Investigator Brooke Covington at 818-888-0980, ext. 228.  

Update 3: I’m told that the Daily News story I linked to above is incorrect, and the suspect vehicle is actually Land Rover, not a Range Rover.


On a related note, I recently received an email from John Bisnar about HitAndRunReward.com, which provides a $1000 for information leading to the arrest of any hit-and-run driver.

We have a standing offer of $1,000 reward for information leading to a felony conviction of a hit and run driver.  Information on a hit and run driver is given to WeTip, a non-profit crime fighting organization.  WeTip has a process that ensures the anonymity of people providing information so that no one, not WeTip, not me, not anyone knows who provided the information.  WeTip then passes the information on to the appropriate law enforcement agency.  When a reward is due, WeTip has an anonymous method of paying the reward in cash.

Personally, I’d gladly settle for the feeling of relief that would come from putting one of these murderous, uncaring bastards behind bars. But a cool thousand bucks in your pocket couldn’t hurt, either.


Speaking of Lance, maybe you missed our contest to give away some CLIF Mojo bars over the weekend.

Between the tragic breaking news and usual mass exodus of L.A. that takes place on any three-day weekend, the contest may have gotten a little lost. So I’m extending the deadline one more day.

Just leave a comment on the original post with your favorite means of performance enhancement before or during a ride, and why — whether it’s something you eat, drink, do, listen to or meditate on — no later than 8 am Wednesday.

The winners — and yes, there will be more than one — will get a box of Mojo bars directly from CLIF Bar.

But be sure to use a valid, working email address, or I won’t be able to let you know you’ve won and get an address to send them to.

And no, they can’t just send them as an attachment.


Finally, let Monday morning’s Beverly Hills earthquake serve as a reminder that when the Big One hits — or the zombie apocalypse starts — cars and transit systems will be useless. Your best, and perhaps only, choice for transportation will be a strong bike with flat-resistant tires.

And I’d like to know how the hell the biking black hole can give us an earthshaking 3:30 am wake-up call, but can’t manage to give us a single bike lane.


  1. Mark Elliot says:

    My city has an inferiority complex and we will do whatever we can to build the brand. That includes slapping BH labels on disposable water bottles; branding credit cards; and yes, stealing the thunder from other SoCal cities with a quake.
    But like so much that Beverly Hills tries to do, we can’t put in the requisite effort to do it any better than half-assed. So you’ll have to be satisfied with a 3.3.
    On a serious note, heartfelt sympathy goes out to the Topanga rider. There’s hardly a moment on a climb, or a pause at a stoplight, when we shouldn’t expect the unexpected: impact due to motorist carelessness. Unfortunate victims like this rider will do service for the cause of raising awareness – as will high-profile rewards and shame campaigns. We can take a lesson from the DUI advocates. And borrow a playbook page from the occasional enforcement campaigns against sex-trafficker johns. Name and shame.

  2. karl says:

    Yes that’s working very well for them isn’t it? As much as your ‘self’ castigations might deny it’s you who should be most ashamed for your lies.

  3. karl says:

    Now moving on to reply to the blow owner directly first I didnt’ realise this was the stub for the deleted content above. I’m very grateful and glad I subscribed as I have what you wrote in my inbox and have NOW read it; even though the nonhtml text has more transparent domains etc. in it’s links I don’t norally read there first and usually miss out on the best comments for not getting them in time as only after posting do you send out copies.

    I’ve considered moving to Austin- nice to know I’l have a reason to be pleased when I smoke anyone -anyone at all- trying to catch me on hte uphill who might be a ‘local’ even when I leave the battery at home.

    Futher nice to know spousal love values decorum above vengeance, values turbity not all all no matter how silky the bloody ear might be mended- and how wise it is of you to realise shall come around eventually so you can press revert then and that might be soon enough for most of us if not those who will fall in the meantime for her graft, he lack of creed, her shame.

    I do not blame I am not lame I only write what serves this fight. To lose men in battle is nothing new to me. Only to her obviously. Semper Fi. Don’t let anyone say I would ever dare to lie.

  4. karl says:

    ME did you catch this it’s old news! “TARGET 2

    “India’s target to produce 6 million green vehicles by 2020, of which 4 to 5 million are expected to be


    comes as China aims to have 500,000 electric and hybrid cars on its roads by 2015."


    ………..Price: 0.48 Profit: 100% , Profit/Loss Ratio: 8 : 1 – Excellent for an extreme rally.

    "TARGET 2

    Price: 0.48 Profit: 100% , Profit/Loss Ratio: 8 : 1 – Excellent for an extreme rally.

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  6. […] Ted in Los Angeles frequently mentions Cyclelicious. […]

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