Road raging driver mows down cyclist in Palos Verdes

The bike is dead. Fortunately, its rider isn’t.

The Daily Breeze is reporting that a road raging driver deliberately ran down a bicyclist before slamming into a series of cars.

According to the paper, Palos Verdes Estates resident Doug Castile was riding on Via Pacheco around 6:30 pm when he was Jerry Browned by a driver who sideswiped him, then backed up and hit him again when he complained.

Castile said he yelled, “Hey, you just hit me!” The driver of the black car then put it in reverse, backed up behind the bicyclist, pulled forward and pushed the bicyclist into the plants.

“The guy put it in reverse again, backed up, and ran over my bike,” Castile said. “At that point, my feet are clipped in the pedals on my bike. I unclipped my feet and jumped off the bike into the plants and he’s running over my bicycle back and forth.”

The driver, who wasn’t identified in the story, reacted bizarrely when Castile reached reached into his pocket for his cell phone.

“He says, ‘What are you reaching for, a gun?’ It just was so odd to hear that statement. I took my hand out of my pocket. I thought this guy is capable of anything,” Castile said.

At that point, the driver sped off, slamming into an unknown number of parked and moving vehicle before his car finally became disabled on Ganado Drive and Sheriff’s deputies made an arrest.

Castile was able to escape with scrapes, while his $3,000 to $4,000 bike was destroyed.

The paper says police were unsure whether the driver was suffering from a mental condition or committed a deliberate assault.

Unfortunately, anyone can buy a car and get a license, regardless of mental or emotional stability. And in the wrong hands, it can become a weapon.

As we have seen too many times before.

Thanks to Jim Lyle for the heads-up.

Update: The Daily Breeze identifies the driver as 65-year old William Thomas Kelly of Torrance. He’s being held on $30,000 bond on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon; hopefully, more charges — and a much higher bail — will follow soon. 

It’s also worth noting that deputies found Kelly unconscious in his car after it rammed the gates to an FAA facility, which could lead to federal charges. According to the paper, officer’s smelled alcohol on his breath when he was taken into custody — which could make this the fourth time he’s charged with DUI since 1991.

And yet he was still allowed behind the wheel to threaten the lives and safety of others.


  1. ValleyBall1 says:

    Wow, I had planned on riding PV tomorrow but may opt for another location, for now. Regardless of the “why”, the driver needs to go to jail. If Castile had not unclipped quickly, we’d be talking about another death.

  2. D. D. Syrdal says:

    They can’t tell it was a deliberate assault? Really? REALLY??? What the hell does it take, he has to put a notice in the paper ahead of time saying he was going to do it? FFS.

  3. james says:

    A while back I had a motorist attempt to back into me in Huntington Beach. I was in the bike lane on Magnolia heading west in front of the home depot when a woman in a black Lexus es passed me, stopped in the bike lane and then reversed towards me.

    As she passed me I got a bad feeling that something was about to happen so I stopped, waiting for her to do something and sure enough she threw her car into reverse and headed straight towards me. I jumped onto the sidewalk, taking my bike with me and somehow I managed to not fall and land under my own bike. She stopped about where I had just stood and then she just stared at me.
    Her license plate was something along the lines of livlong.

  4. Opus the Poet says:

    Backing up over a downed cyclist is attempted murder in my book.

  5. fsethd says:

    The Daily Breeze is a complete hack job newspaper when it comes to bicycles. They hate cyclists and cycling, and regularly run inflammatory anti-bike infomercials. It’s a lousy newspaper. The way the sheriff treated this guy is instructive, too … kid gloves.

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