BOLO Alert: New Linus bike stolen from Lincoln Blvd Ralph’s in Santa Monica

More bad news from the Venice – Santa Monica area.

Kaitlin Kolvet reports her brand new Linus bike was stolen on Monday from the Ralph’s market in Santa Monica, 910 Lincoln Blvd.

The three-speed bicycle was attached to the bike rack by just the front wheel when she went into the market around 5:20 pm; when she returned, only the front wheel and lock remained.

  • Less than 10 days old Linus Roadster Sport (3 speed)
  • Color: Marine
  • Serial Number: L4E0301489
  • Purchased at the Abbott Kinney Venice Location
If you see the bike, contact the LAPD Pacific Division, then email Kaitlin at Such a nice new bike should be easy to spot.
Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 7.08.30 PM


  1. As a person who has had a bike stolen from an insecure designated parking spot at a grocery store, reading about it happening again just infuriates me.

  2. lacyclist says:

    Ralph’s usually has cameras outside their stores to protect the store again robberies, and civil claims involving damage to cars from carts, and false claims of slip and fall.

    Can the police obtain a video?

    • bikinginla says:

      She looked into that. Unfortunately, while there were security cameras right over the bike racks, they were pointed towards the parking lot.

      • Uggghh! that’s exactly what happened when my bike was stolen from the designated bike parking area (not a bike rack or even someplace to lock up, just an empty spot next to the store out of the way).

  3. Monkeyman says:

    Lock the frame people!!! Unfortunately there are bike thieves and terrible bike parking. So lock the frame so instead of getting your bike stolen you just get the wheels stolen. Or lock everything so nothing gets stolen!

  4. […] Up first is another stolen bike report from Ted Rogers, posted right after I published last night’s post. BOLO Alert: New Linus bike stolen from Lincoln Blvd Ralph’s in Santa Monica […]

  5. Alan says:

    May I suggest There’s no fee. Many bike shops, pawn shops, police departments and savvy Craigslist shoppers check BikeIndex. I have no vested interest in it, the closest I get is I’ve swapped a few emails with Bryan Hance, one of the site owners. They are in it because they love biking, not for money. You can check out how it works by typing in, for example, Linus Roadster and you’ll see several others stolen both in California and around the country. Best wishes for recovering your bike.

  6. Felix Cross says:

    Pretty much the reason why I carry a butterfly knife. And keep my baby (bike) in my room instead of it locked up outside.

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