Morning Links: It’s a video Thursday, with a scofflaw LA BMX tour, rotating jazz bike and a knockout kick

Let’s make this a video Thursday.

Watch BMX rider Nigel Sylvester ride salmon on Broadway, nearly run people off the sidewalk and litter on Skid Row in a fast-paced tour of the City of Angels. Thanks to Mike Wilkinson for the heads-up.


See a Brazilian jazz band perform inside a rotating, pedal-powered giant wheel.


A cyclist in an undetermined country defends himself against a pushy antagonist, knocking the man out with a single kick before riding away.



Congrats to LADOT for winning a National Planning Award for their successful People Street program, which is responsible for dozens of plazas, parklets and bike corrals.

The Eastsider asks the seemingly eternal question of when that flood control barrier blocking the LA River bike path will finally come down.

Mark your calendar for your nearest public meeting to discuss Metro’s proposed 2016 transportation ballot measure.

KPCC looks at the push to use the word crash instead of accident to describe collisions in order to emphasize driver responsibility.

You’re invited to examine the new Long Beach Bicycle Master Plan at a public open house one week from today.



Twenty-five-year old Cuban rider Ruben Companioni wins the first stage of the Redlands Classic.

Fresno deputies surprise a 10-year old girl with a new bike after hers was stolen in a burglary last month.

Sad news from Turlock, as a bike rider died after being stuck by two vehicles; the first driver stopped, while the second fled the scene.

Once again, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is hiring a new Executive Director. Although you might want to know why the last one quit before taking the job.



New stats from the US Department of Transportation show over 86% of bikeshare stations in the US extend the reach of transit systems by connecting to another form of transit.

A new theft-resistant, app-enabled ebike unlocks automatically when you touch the frame.

Men’s Journal says this is the most comfortable saddle you can get for under $100.

The founder of Angie’s List says maintain your bike.

A writer on LinkedIn explains to CEOs why bicycling is good for their companies.

Co.Exist says cities keep installing sharrows because they’re fast and cheap, even if they don’t improve safety.

In the latest marketing gaff from Specialized, the company apologizes for putting up posters saying “Better bikes come from better bike shops” on a boarded-up non-Specialized dealer, after it was closed following a gas explosion. And offers $1,000 to make up for it.

Legislation under consideration in Vermont would require drivers to give cyclists a four-foot passing distance, and yield to cyclists before turning. But it would also require riders to stick to the edge of the pavement, allowing them to move towards the center of the lane only when the shoulder is unsafe.

A Rhode Island bike advocacy group is building a Bike Barn on a vacant lot to house their offices and a bike co-op.

The New York City council finally puts its money where its mouth is, considering a significant increase in funding for Vision Zero projects. Let’s hope LA follows their example.

In today’s alliterative news, a Baltimore man got a bullet in the butt thanks to a bike rider.



Bike racing’s governing body will meet next week to discuss the dangers of race motorcycles. And talking is probably all they’ll do.

Women in the UK get on their bikes to encourage other women to ride.

As if dodging dangerous drivers wasn’t bad enough, a British delivery driver was felled by a window pane falling from 21-stories up.

A Brit anti-doping scientist claims he would have caught Lance a lot sooner. Only if his test could somehow uncover collusion with cycling officials to hide the results.

Seville, Spain cuts car use 27% in just ten years, as bike modal share rises to nine percent. Tell that to the next person who says increasing bike use in LA won’t improve traffic congestion.

A San Francisco woman touring India would rather ride her bike in the daytime heat than battle the country’s traffic.

An Emirati writer suggests cycling in the early morning or after dark to avoid the country’s blistering heat.

An Australian website says most Queensland drivers are giving bicyclists the required 1 meter passing distance, which rises to 1.5 meters when the speed limit is above 37 mph; the law will be made permanent following a successful two-year trial.



If you’re going to ride under the influence, try not to crash into a police car. And the only requirements for a popular bike club are ride a bike and don’t be an ass.

Which probably counts me out.


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