Update: LA County Sheriff’s Deputy dies after falling in San Diego century ride

Sad news from San Diego, where a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy died nearly two weeks after falling in a century ride.

Brian Villa, a 29-year veteran of the department, fell while riding in the Orange County Wheelmen’s Amtrak Century on September 9th.

He suffered a severe head injury, and was taken to a local hospital in grave condition; he was taken off life support and passed away on the 21st.

The crash apparently occurred somewhere between Solano Beach and Torrey Pines in San Diego County.

Villa was training for the annual Police Unity Tour. He leaves behind a wife and two teenage children.

A ride will be held in Irvine on October 28th to raise funds for his family, while a GoFundMe page has raised over $25,000, $10,000 more than the $15,000 goal.

This is the 46th bicycling fatality in Southern California, and the fourth in San Diego County. Six of those have been the result of solo falls.

Update: I’m told Villa was 56 years old, and may have been a resident of Orange County. He had participated in the Unity Tour in 2015.

A source places the location at 200 Camino Del Mar in Del Mar. The photo of the site below showing a deep pothole suggests why he may have crashed.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for the Brian Villa and all his loved ones. 

Thanks to Bill Sellin, Ellen Steel and Greg “Sarge” Christopherson for the heads-up.

Photo from GoFundMe page


  1. JD says:

    We offer up our prayers for the family and friends of Deputy Villa.

  2. Rest on peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with the deputy’s loved ones.

  3. David says:

    Disturbing news.


    He participated in the police unity tour 2015–article above.

  4. X says:

    The floating asphault would shift and cause gaps to grab the wheel by remaining just wide enough for drop but no comparable force to release.

    Such long in progress decay should be marked with glitter if not barricades etc. Not have white line followers get slaughtered. If we paint a line its got to be safe or repainted instantly.

    Like bearspray a glitter gun carried is not just for fun. Pickup car parts, highlight lethality, it only takes a moment or a few extra ounces.

    The gps apps don’t crowd tag every hole and alert as we approach yet, they should. Our cameras should analyse the surface not just in real time and upload hotspots.

    Attempting to fix it is of course bad idea, although Loose ground shown tempts as anything for bikes is better then illusion of solidity.the missing white would super contrast…. ironically more hole accelerates repair, spares bikes, if damaging to cars.

    A little tar in time could of saved a life as could use of a portable road repair dislodger knife there….

    Hazards we encounter require more of us. Every lethal flaw could of been reported, was seen, ignored, to just note millions funded for victims by juries and all of us without cutting personal check for our own negligence is cheating, the tax far too low.

    Those who tolerate danger often forget to watch out themselves, but more often endanger first comers to come.

    White line holes deserve special speed to remedy, too many of us stare nearly straight down between intersection, run into trucks, expect smooth hard solid however reasonably at speeds an led brake
    Light argues require such fast on to add feet lol.. absurdly.

    Our brains are like candles, not hot wires, they take yards at slow speeds to react. The white has got to be tight… a few inches we can maintain by fixing none unpainted if any stripe needs attention; put that on a ballot!

  5. Mark L says:

    From the OCW FG page, some people were behind him as he fell over. They said he did not hit a pothole or anything,and nothing hit him. He just fell over. A close friend later said that he had an aneurysm.

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