Santa Ana man killed by hit-and-run driver — ninth fatal SoCal bike hit-and-run in past two months


Southern California bike riders are being left to die in the streets by heartless, murderous drivers at an ever increasing rate.

Nearly half of the twenty people who’ve died riding bicycles in the past two months have been killed by cowardly hit-and-run drivers, who refused to stop and render aid as required by law.

Or had the basic human decency to call for help, rather than leave another person suffering alone in the last moments of their life.

The latest hit-and-run victim lost his life early this morning in Santa Ana.

According to multiple sources, a man was found lying in the street next to a heavily damaged bicycle on the 300 block of Newhope Street near the Iglesia De La Comunidad chapel around three this morning.

KTLA-5 reports the victim, identified only as a 52-year old man, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The street has buffered bike lanes in both directions, though it’s not clear if the victim was riding in them. Police say alcohol played a factor, suggesting they believe he victim was under the influence, since the driver remains unknown.

There’s no description of the suspect vehicle, except that should have front-end damage.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Santa Ana Police Department at 714/245-8208 or 714/245-8200.

This is at least the 64 bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the ninth that I’m aware of in Orange County.

Twenty-one of those deaths have been the result of hit-and-runs, including nine of the 20 bike riders killed since September 3rd.

Update: The Orange County Coroner has identified the victim as 52-year old Santa Ana resident Daniel Martinez. 

Thanks to Bill Sellin for the heads-up.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for Daniel Martinez and his loved ones.



  1. Bill Sellin says:

    OC Coroner posted name:
    Daniel Martinez, 52 (Nov 4, Santa Ana)

    Not SURE if he died or survived:
    Virgilio Lemus Garcia, 60 (Oct 13, Santa Ana)

    Trying to keep up – who have I missed in your count of 10?
    I have 8 (or 9)
    Unidentified Man, 30s (July 22, LAs Flores/Mission Viejo) Never saw a name or what happened….
    Marcos Monzon, 40 (June 11, Santa Ana)
    Jaxon Ortiz, 8 (May 13, Ladera Ranch) I
    Mike Alcaraz, 60 (May 5, Santa Ana)
    Raymond MacDonald, 33 (Mar 30, Huntington Beach)
    Michael Tomlinson, 51 (Jan 30, Aliso Viejo)
    Paul Smith, 64 (Jan 11, Seal Beach)

    I count 9.. who have I missed.

  2. Mary Cowdrick says:

    Who ever did this. You need to come forward. This is a father and son a brother and a friend. And for someone to leave another human being in the street for dead, has no conscious what so ever. Danny was a very good person and my good friend. He sure as he’ll did not derserve to die like this. Who ever did this is a murderer.

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